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Ponerological Paradigm Shift? NO. NO. NO. WAKE UP!

If you don’t know what “ponerology” means, you should. It’s the “science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes.” No matter how much you “hate Trump” (and most of my friends do), please read this post all the … Continue reading

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First permaculture principle: “Observe and interact” . . . OR NOT!

Wow! Coming back from this morning’s walk, I notice a weird, long, and seemingly two-headed bug on one of the milkweed plants. I realize that this must be two bugs, mating. Went inside to get iphone camera, and came back … Continue reading

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Siberia/Mongolia, plus New York/InDiana: My emerging God intoxication, part 2

Note: The Siberia/Mongolia series is archived here. Well, it just never ceases to amaze. As the political, economic, matrix world goes absolutely batshit crazy, the contrast between the seriously, hilariously nutty human phantasmagoria and Nature’s underlying interwoven beauty and harmony … Continue reading

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Siberia/Mongolia: My emerging God intoxication

Note: This series is archived here. I knew the journey would be life-altering. I just didn’t know how. Now I do. Or I’m beginning to. I am reminded of one of my heroes, Wilhelm Reich, who investigated, celebrated, invoked, and … Continue reading

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Mongolia: We witness the annual Ceremony of Mare’s Milk early in our journey — and finally, on our last evening together, drink some!

Note: This series on Mongolia/Siberia is archived here. First, let me say that I didn’t take pictures of our group’s final circle while we were passing the cup around, drinking the fermented mare’s milk — but I should have! Personally, … Continue reading

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Hard-to-Believe Department: U.S. House and Senate hold NEARLY UNANIMOUS votes for new Russia sanctions

In an obvious slap to Trump’s newly personal relationship with Putin, both U.S. House  (419-3) and Senate (98-2) voted nearly unanimously for further Russia sanctions! Hard to believe the mind-controlled, Russia-hating obstinacy of our “elected” officials, most of them compromised … Continue reading

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Mongolia, and yurt life: Personal reflections from 1987

Yesterday, I happened to come across an essay written in 1987 that documents my experience living within a cabin’s four walls versus living within a yurt’s round space. I leave it to the Mongolians to tell me if I got … Continue reading

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Siberia/Mongolia: Original intention manifested

Note: This ongoing series on Siberia/Mongolia is archived here. Way back in January 2017, Bill Pfeiffer, in consultation with his Siberian partner of almost 20 years, Erjen Khamaganova, discussed the higher purpose of our upcoming journey. At the time I skimmed … Continue reading

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