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Let’s connect young permaculturists with these older women!

I see two groups of people: One group is young, energetic, and idealistic; they believe in permaculture as the hope of the world, and they long to connect with the land; And the other? Mostly older women, stewards of their … Continue reading

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Kickstarter: The Permaculture Student

WORTHY! We do need a clear, simple book that anyone can read and absorb at least the first glimmerings of the obvious, commonsensical, and therefore, utterly strange! — human/nature interconnectedness that pervades permacultural philosophy and practice. Via Keith.

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Tiny House movement spawns Tiny House communities

Just as local, organic, and permacultural growing systems are now entering their second and third generations (networking and scaling up), so the tiny house movement is now about community as much as one’s own tiny home. YES! I lived for … Continue reading

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R.I.P Mr. Spock: Story of Origin of Vulcan Hand Signal

Believe it or not, the origin of Spock’s hand signal for “Live Long and Prosper” is connected to the goddess Shekinah! Shekinah means “presence of God” and relates to the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy … Continue reading

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Paul Stamets patents “universal biopesticide” that Big Ag calls “the most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.”

Note, March 5: And see this. When my boys were young, I once asked each of them what would they ask for if they could have anything in the world. Sean, eight years old, a very pragmatic soul with five … Continue reading

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“Introverted,” “not very articulate” Target heir Governor Mark Dayton targets the rich in Minnesota

This reminds me of what the new Greek government wants to do there: tax the rich. Yes. Obviously. And Look what happens when you do. Mark Dayton is the kind of person who should be in office. He doesn’t hunger … Continue reading

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MSU team in Science Magazine: “The world has little use — and precious little time — for detached experts.”

Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, when I was a graduate student in philosophy and passionately probing the deep interior edge between thought and language, I found myself drawn out of academic philosophy into other “disciplines,” including sociology, … Continue reading

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Let us mimic and integrate with Nature. Two brilliant community examples.

The first is a great example of what permaculture calls “stacking functions” in that most iconic of “ecotopic” (see the book, Ecotopia) cities, Portland, which is now to generate power from gravity-fed water pipes! Piped hydropower is constant, doesn’t disrupt … Continue reading

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