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BIONIC BIDEN? Wired and Drugged During First Debate?

My first guess,  ala Utsava, was that whoever came out on that stage last night, would be a Biden clone; I figured likely a “fresh clone,” with more energy, and not too many glitches. However, I confess, I was one … Continue reading

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Sayer Ji: On Philosophical/Phenomenological Implications of Covid-19

Sayer Ji runs Remember Jewish philosopher Martin Buber’s significant distinction between “I-It” relationships and “I-Thou” relationships? “Bio-politics,” by viewing and isolating each person as only his or her “body” — now ramped up by mandated masks and social distancing … Continue reading

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ASTROLOGY 2020, a review.

Ever since January, I have published what amounts to now, likely hundreds of posts that reference, in some way, the very unusual and definitive astrology of 2020. Then yesterday, I decided to do an “Astrology 2020” introduction for a zoom … Continue reading

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September 29, 2020: Is a Saturn anchor about to be dropped into the Neptunian sea of Plutonian corrruption?

Note: See update at end. I keep sensing today’s hearing for General Flynn, scheduled to start at 11 AM, as somehow definitive for his case. Why do I say that? Because: First, Saturn turns to go direct today, September 29, … Continue reading

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German Doctor’s final words: “Change the world. Thank you.”

I found this man’s message to be exactly on point. Note: He switches to English after less than one minute. This doctor agrees with David Icke: “There is no virus.” And remember, they do not have a definitive test for … Continue reading

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Vandana Shiva: Sinister implications of Bill Gates’ Patent #060606

This post, itself an excerpt from Shiva’s latest book, Oneness vs the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom, needs to be absorbed in its entirety for us to even begin to comprehend how globalist Bill Gates has captured the still unconsciously … Continue reading

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ARKCroneCast Offerings for September 26, 2020: Both about “Life In the Body,” patreon video personal; free audio philosophical

New video on Patreon: CroneCast #41 || Life in This Body, Part I: Teeth, Gums, Bone I look at three difficult phases in my life, all regarding my mouth, each offering gifts: 1) childhood, nine years old, braces — … Continue reading

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Musical Antidote to ZOWEE . . .

Note: see ZOWEE . . . I thank my former brotherr-in-law John for this offering, a piece he used to listen to with my sister Mary, a highly sensitive musical being, who died five years ago. Thank you, John!

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