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A.K. Reader: The Ruins of Time (1990)

Re-reading this old essay as I retyped it into a word doc, plopped me right back there, to the Greece of 28 years ago. It’s been nearly an entire Saturn cycle since that day when Clarissa and I, on a … Continue reading

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Are we sheep, or are we lions? Decide.

Steve Pieczenik, on infowars several times recently, says he doesn’t want to talk about school shootings anymore. Says they all follow the same (confusing) script, are used to distract, foment fear, divide and conquer, and, of course, destroy the 2nd … Continue reading

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Fearless whistleblower William Binney on Fearless “Batman” Trump vs. the Deep State: Secretive Mechanisms of Systemic Corruption Reduce Odds of Success

I found this William Binney interview thanks to — William Binney: There is mind-blowing corruption at the FBI and NSA, says to Trump ‘expose everything’ — and believe me, Binney gives us the most bone-chilling info I’ve heard in … Continue reading

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Abby Martin, On the complex, conflicting relationship between Israel and Palestine

Last August, having just returned from a month in Israel and Palestine, where she witnessed excruciating violence, as well as the cognitive dissonance of even Israelis who realize that Palestinians are “treated like animals,” Abby points out the fact that … Continue reading

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A.K. Reader: The Marriage between Sun and Moon (1996)

Although I have arrived at a very different possible understanding of the Moon at this point, the astonishing fact that Sun and Moon can and do periodically exactly eclipse each other, despite their vast differences in size and distance, still … Continue reading

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Two gorgeous gold medal figure skating performances, Winter Olympics 2018

  Plus, thumbing their collective nose at the west’s politicization of the Olympic games, Triumphant Russian hockey team defies ban, sings national anthem after Olympic win (video) BTW: South Korea tells the U.S. that North Korea is willing to meet. … Continue reading

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Slogging through February: How to maintain cheerful spirits inside continuous rain and muck?

Intermittent rain, for days on end, makes all the paths muddy, until we wood chip them, which thank goodness, Dan has mostly done. Alex did a few more today in the rain. Even so, the dogs bring their muddy paws … Continue reading

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Sibel Edmonds interviews Douglas Valentine: The CIA as “Bureaucracy”

“Bureaucracy?” Sounds boring, yes? Wrong. I asked housemate (and librarian) Dan to get me a book or two by Douglas Valentine, since Jerome Corsi speaks so highly of him. That was a few days ago. Dan forgot. But my unconscious … Continue reading

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