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A. K. Reader: Reflections on “Crone” (2007)

Eleven years have passed since I first penned this essay. And as predicted, my life has continued to yield immense riches, expand and deepen into increasingly mysterious multidimensionality. Now, at the “ripe old age” of 75, I notice that my original nature … Continue reading

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Site again down, and back up: bandwidth issue

I now know why the bandwidth issue took the site down again, and will be working to fix the problem. This site is so deep, after seven years, that it will soon need a larger bandwidth. So, sorry for yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Triumphant Trump’s Qanon. But, little bitty voice, “what about NATURE?”

Yesterday, around dinnertime, I found myself deeply immersed in an 1:18 hour Jerome Corsi video that seemingly expertly decoded recent Q posts. My nearly open-mouthed preoccupation sat juxtaposed and  oblivious to noisy dinner talk by my young housemates in the … Continue reading

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Please Pay Attention: To these four markers of accelerating American collapse

We seem to be falling down a uniquely American rabbit hole. And in my view, it all stems from our unique historic emphasis of individualism over community. In a sane society, the individual and the community exist in dynamic balance. … Continue reading

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AK Reader: Transit Pluto in Capricorn ACTIVATES the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1993

As Saturn begins to crawl through its home sign Capricorn, on its way to meeting Pluto, god of the underworld, itself moving through Capricorn since 2008, I find myself looking back, to 1993, the year when Uranus and Neptune met … Continue reading

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January 25th, 2018: A forced pause to take a breath!

From 12:01 midnight yesterday, to 4:09 am this morning, this exopermaculture site was down, due to “having exceeded bandwidth.” I had been told that the warning for this, which came the day before, was something I could ignore. But then … Continue reading

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One year in, who IS Donald Trump, and why does it matter?

I notice myself more and more “coming out,” both in my liberal, Hillary-loving local community and on social media, regarding my attitude towards the presidency of Donald Trump. I’ve been fascinated with Trump all along; at first, back in March … Continue reading

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Bombard Body Language: Political Gaslighting

After I published the Ice Dance piece on the mutuality and trust that is possible for humans, I saw this and decided it a great way to illustrate the opposite. Notice that both posts involve body language. NO WORDS. Bombard … Continue reading

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From “all-too-human” to authentic human: Ice Dance

There are moments when all I can do is pause, tune into perfectly executed cooperative human expression, and ask, with a fervent heart, that this power, trust, and precise, effortless execution ripen into the template for human reciprocity.

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FILM REVIEW: “The Post,” in context with “The Memo”

Son Colin and I went to see The Post yesterday afternoon. Two red-pill’ers sitting in a sea of blue-pill’ers. But that’s normal here in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town that loves to think itself superior to Trump and his followers … Continue reading

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