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AK Reader: CON-SIDER ASTROLOGY (before it’s too late)

CON-SIDER ASTROLOGY Before it’s too late 1985   I once spent 24 hours in a Las Vegas casino. Where lights shine bright, all through the night. Robbed of the mystery of darkness, there is only the dazzle of day. Much … Continue reading

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Breakdown — and Breakthrough? It depends! Shadow Work as the secret, alchemical ingredient.

Check this out. Our Slide into Social Psychosis and Breakdown Within this protected little three-home garden enclave of Green Acres Permaculture Village, together with some of our close neighbors, an alternative culture, “growing community from the ground up,” has been … Continue reading

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Stella Immanuel, M.D.: CALL TO ACTION. Is this the tipping point?

I'm so proud of Dr Stella Immanuel, a proper Nigerian woman. Her passion and confidence speaks volume, & when President Trump said hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax works, the Media, WHO wanted to kill him.I hope Dr Fauci has seen this … Continue reading

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Note about first livestream: today, at 1:30 pm EDT

BUT, you have to be a patron at $5/month or more, to get the livestream goodies, which will also feature live comments in real time. These will be stories that I usually end up writing into blogposts, but as livestream … Continue reading

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ARKCroneCast offerings for July 27, 2020: both on perspectives gained through astrology

Note to Patrons! Producer Gabby suggests that I tell tiny stories about daily events in videos as extra offerings exclusively for patreon subscribers. Look for the first one this afternoon! Exclusive for patrons is the next audiobook installment from MY … Continue reading

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Is the Mask Mandate Mania beginning to unravel?

First Monroe County, and several days later, all of Indiana, are now on required mask mandates, while in public, inside or outside within six feet of others. And of course, all stores, restaurants, etc. must require them of customers, clerks, … Continue reading

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Notes from the “Silent Majority” Underground

As the extreme strangeness of this year “heats up,” with the supposed resurgence of Covid during summer months when viruses are supposedly inactive, I see more and more the phrase “silent majority” to counteract. the extreme and, really, let’s just … Continue reading

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BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Current Disclosures Ensure The Great Awakening

Note: Another “Boom” post went out to subscribers last night and unfortunately, still shows up in the column on the right of the cover page. Actually I deleted that post immediately since I mistakenly published it rather than just saving … Continue reading

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