Was the Cyber Symposium A Sting Operation?

We keep hearing about sting operations, first the election itself and all it entailed, including the events both in congress and at the capital on January 6th, and forward from there, slogging through these endless months that see thousands of unvetted foreigners pouring across our southern boundary daily, loss of energy independence, runaway inflation, the possibly deadly “vaccine” plus fear-mongering the second and third Covid “variants,” and now, the ignominious “end” of the American Empire’s 17-year, $2 trillion, plus uncounted lives disrupted or dead — adventure in Afghanistan. This reminds all of us  old enough to remember, of the equally ignominous end to the Vietnam War.

For one perspective on what the American Empire has been up to with both these wars, see:

The Debacle in Afghanistan — The Wall Street Journal

I tend to agree wholeheartedly, but would give more credit to Trump who steadfastly refused to ignite yet another new war, who worked mightily to call a halt to all the wars he inherited. and to bring our troops home.

Over the past several weeks, the “sting” perspective has ballooned into “devolution” (Patel Patriot series), and now, to another patriot’s videos arguing that Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium was a sting op as well, or rather, that it was an integral part of the massive ongoing election/devolution sting op. The argument: Mike never did have the “pcaps” and the $5M prize; instead, he managed to use that promise as a lure to gather election officials from all 50 states, as well as to call the entire world’s attention to what he did have, thanks to Ezra Cohen Watnik, who was instructed by Trump to give them to Lindell, accurate numbers, re: the election, as well as to uncover just who was trying to cyberhack his symposium and thereby increase the roster of knowing just who is who in the bad guys v. good guys lineup.

Thanks to kpblogspace.com for both of these. I’ve only watched the first one so far. Still on youtube. We’ll see how long it lasts!

The second one, over an hour long.



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