COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.6: Let Us Ridicule Fauci


How many people actually still think Fauci is “the expert” on all things Covid? Though the disclosure of his damning emails didn’t do the trick, ridicule might.

JP Sears has Moon/North Node/Ascendant in courageously expressive Leo, plus five planets in fiery Aries, including his Sun/Mars/Venus all of which closely oppose Pluto in Libra, Jupiter/Saturn in Libra as well, in near exact opposition to Mercury in Aries. This terrific satirist of strange currents in contemporary society is rarin’ to go and powerfully connects with his audience.

Yep. Ridicule works.

Jon Rappoport loves to ridicule Fauci. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post, wherein Fauci is being re-schooled by his “mentor.”

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