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“Covfefe”: With everything so dire, is silliness the antidote?

Bizarre Trump Midnight Tweet Sparks Twitter Trolling Bewilderment Mockery Too bad we tend largely waste our extraordinary human creativity on such “entertainment.” But I did read through the whole article, with all the twittered responses.. And it is funny, damn funny.

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Do we realize that all our war monuments are a form of mind control?

I’ve long been acutely aware of how much we idolize war in this country. Not just our economy relies on war, so does our collective unconscious, to keep reminding us of the “sacrifice” of our young heroes to battle “in … Continue reading

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Is Trump beginning to trump the Deep State?

Though I went through a brief period of completely turning against Donald Trump (the Tomahawk missiles lobbed into the Syrian airbase), I’ve since swung back around to wondering just what he’s up to, and if indeed, despite his surface bluster (which has … Continue reading

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Jon Rappoport: “One of the great invisible drivers of continued antagonism is the system that has been built to express it.”

Is Sanity between the U.S. and Russia Possible?  This Rappoport post nails the problem that has no name in 3D reality. No matter what side of any polarity we identify with, the other side exists to balance it, and furthermore, … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage to The Farm, in Tennessee: PHOTOS and story

I said I’d get pics, and that I might write something up, too. I did get pics, but, only of a few physical structures on The Farm. Far more interesting would have been pics of people mingling; but I was … Continue reading

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Gone until Monday: Community and Sustainability Conference in Tennessee

Rebecca and I leave here in about one hour. Here’s the link: I take pics, and maybe notes. We’ll see.    

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Green Acres Village, late May: New garden beds, sculpture garden, work party #2

Well, well! It turns out that I appreciate one-hour work parties even more than extended community dinners! There’s just something so magical about people pulling together to quickly achieve a limited goal. Last night the challenge was to clear most … Continue reading

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So what’s with the Obama/Trump dueling duet in Europe?

I love’s running commentary on this Obama puff piece from The Guardian. Deep State Sends Obama to Europe to Trump U.S. President’s First International Tour and Rally EU Elites BTW: I foolishly spent some time awake in the middle of last … Continue reading

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