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ASSANGE EXTRADITION? Our Moment of Truth Looms Just Ahead

If Julian Assange is extradited to this country and treated like a common criminal — or worse, then no matter what else Donald Trump (with the Q team) is doing to gain my and others’ trust, this will be a … Continue reading

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GOOD NEWS! Multi-lateral Peace Plan for Afghanistan, Portugal’s amazing decriminalization experiment, Americans want to end polarization, and one nurse’s experience with the dying

So who’s who in the U.S. “enemy” list? What’s REALLY going on. One clue? Russia, China and U.S. agree on pulling troops out of Afghanistan and to Afghan-led peace process What happens when you decriminalize marijuana and other drugs? Portugal’s … Continue reading

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Kevin Shipp: On where we stand, NOW, in the history of our civilization

Think the above title exaggerates? Think again. BTW: despite the title to the following video, I have always, and remain, personally non-violent. I also applaud Trump for stopping the UN from getting decision power on gun ownership in the United … Continue reading

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Late night listening. Geez! Please let me sleep! Victor Davis Hanson and Heather MacDonald

It’s my habit to fall asleep listening to a podcast. Usually, I only make it through the first few minutes and then I’m off to la la land, only to wake up a few hours later and do the same … Continue reading

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Just where — and who — are our “better angels”?

There are days when all I can do is try to catch up. Forget the present moment, I’m just trying to get there! Yesterday I learned that the new UDO (Unified Development Ordinance), if it goes through as planned (and … Continue reading

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George Carlin: “Incremental change? It just seems like the pile of shit is too deep.” TRUE?

This interview was recorded in 2007. Twelve years later, one Jupiter cycle later, where are we as a society? Would Carlin have appreciated DJT? I think so; not Trump’s over the top  materialism, but his undeniable courage, determination, and resilience … Continue reading

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Interesting Observations on Needed Changes: Higher Education and Marijuana

I’m finding myself drinking from the seemingly bottomless well of a new discovery, “public intellectual” (and elder, and professor, and farmer) Victor Davis Hanson. Below, I link his view of what Higher Education needs in order to not only survive, … Continue reading

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This Holy Land: “Oh most honored greening force”!

Hildegaard‘s “veriditas” takes hold. Spring returns to the northern hemisphere, and I can’t help but dive into Nature as not only my Teacher and my Mother, but my Religion. The word re-ligio, from the Latin, “to bind.” I, we, are … Continue reading

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