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Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Back Yard Cleanup Work Party, April 17, 2019

Damn! I’m behind in my promised Green Acres Village postings. Podmate Gabby and I agreed to split them up. She now does the Work Party blogposts, and I will still do the Community Dinner posts. But, unfortunately, I’m already two dinners … Continue reading

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Re: Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Terrorism: Who, and WHY?

With the Sri Lanka bombings, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why Sri Lanka?” and tweeted that question. That was yesterday, Easter Sunday, the day the attacks took place. No one on my twitter feed responded in any way. But then, … Continue reading

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Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday: Let us consider the three day space of GRIEF

Hey fellow exopermaculturists, it’s not only Death and Resurrection that’s recollected during this season considered holy by Christianity. To think of it that way, as a mere polarity, is to ignore what comes between, GRIEF. While polarity is the name … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, both Christians and Pagans!

Just in, this text, from my (ex) daughter-in-law Sue, in Rome for the week with grandson Drew: We did end up seeing the Vatican. It’s the picture of excess. Well, uh . . . DUH! So, it feel it’s only … Continue reading

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Dueling visions of the U.S. — Dmitri Orlov v. Victor Davis Hanson

I’ve noticed myself continuously asking, underneath: is the current U.S. cultural and political climate inevitably leading to collapse? Or: has Trump’s ascendancy somehow, possibly, shifted the U.S. to a new timeline? I have no illusions that Trump can avoid taking … Continue reading

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How the Millennial Generation is Changing Therapy

I live in a small, multigenerational, permaculture village, consisting of two elders, or “crones,” I prefer to call us (one 76 (me) and one 66 (Rebecca), one protocrone (Gabrielle, 52) and six magnificent millennial men between 20 and 31! The … Continue reading

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Friday’s Full Moon in final degree of Libra/Aries, segues immediately into Taurus, CONJUNCT URANUS!

Note: I don’t usually pay attention to other astrologers. But for some reason I found myself listening to Eric Francis, his radio show, last night. I want to thank Eric for his noticing, and his insights, into this particular Full Moon. … Continue reading

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I am you and you are me — all species included! But . . .

I received this video from my wonderful Dances of Universal Peace mentor Darvesha last night. But, though inspiring, it also made me pause; indeed, made me positively uneasy! From the point of view of unitary consciousness, and if consciousness (and … Continue reading

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