December 2020 Finale, Day Three: Martial Law? More on Barr; The “Battle Plan,” Annual Death Count, Trump’s Prophecy

As the December Finale proceeds, we may be headed into partial, limited martial law. And please remember: during this tumultuous year, we are purging the collective unconscious of all the deeply buried gunkĀ  so that we may learn to see clearly, with 2020 vision!

More Barr possibilities:

In other words, Barr is playing a role in exchange for some kind of plea deal? I need to watch this show. Always enjoy Charlie Ward.

Here are a few more. Who knows? I sure don’t. But I no longer trust Barr.

Meanwhile, @CodeMonkeyZ, former 8kun admin who, in his twitter profile, says he resigned on November 3, 2020 . . . has been busy helping the Trump admin. (8kun is the platform where Q has been running). Haven’t read this Battle Plan and probably won’t, but I’m sure some people will, and will draw out various parts of it to present to others. That’s what’s happening folks; Flynn’s digital soldiers all over the world, helping to drain the swamp just when the demonrats and RINOs and deep state bureaucrats thought they had this 2020 election, and therefore the whole world, in the globalist bag.

I said I wouldn’t talk about Covid again, but here we are, being distracted by a supposed vast increase in the virus. In this academic town, just about everybody is quaking in their boots, afraid of both their own bodies and each other. As Trump would likely tweet . . . SAD!!

I wonder how many fearful folks are also paying attention to what is happening politically. The astonishing, never before seen, multi-layered drama to take over the world that we are privileged, not only tp witness, but to participate in, each of us in our own way, according to our own talents. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) tends to close people off to anything but their own instinct for survival. Again, SAD!

Watch this old clip again. It’s fast being recognized as prophetic. And just this first image says it all: We are doing it for the children, and our children’s children. Millions of us now: determined to rescue the whole world from the clutches of globalism so that they can grow up and freely flourish.

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