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Well, folks, it’s “sayonara,” “adios,” “later, man!” until approximately March 29th . . .

Yep, all the white clothing is rolled up in plastic bags for sitting in the temples. The temple slippers have been bought. The little stuff for the kids we meet along the way. The portable meditation bench, borrowed, centers the … Continue reading

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My son Colin’s Garden Tower Project to be on kickstarter by Monday at the latest, under the “food” category. Please help and/or spread the word!

Colin and his two partners were on kickstarter eight months ago. They were asking for $280,000, so that they could fund the start-up costs for manufacturing the Garden Tower. That kickstarter project attracted an angel investor near the end, who … Continue reading

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How do we “know” and who do we “trust” and why?

I’m in last day of prep for Thailand/India two month trip. So I’ll be quick. Please read the following, if you wish to learn about the epistemology of this exopermaculture blog I love this post from zen gardner, as it … Continue reading

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Today’s Mass Shooting in Arizona Links to Aurora?

Okay, so it’s time to ramp it up again, eh? Keep the fear alive. Another “mass shooting by lone gunman,” this time in Arizona, shortly after Gabrielle Giffords, a victim of a 2011 “lone gunman mass shooting,” also in Arizona, … Continue reading

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V-Day: One Billion Rising Like a Tsunami Tide

We, the vast numbers of us, the feminine half of the human race, are not alone in our longing for release from fear. Our men want us to rise up, too. All of humanity sings our new song. The original … Continue reading

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Seattle Teacher Boycott News

Two articles to follow-up on Seattle Teachers Refusal of that one MAPS test . . . Unfortunately, I’m prepping for trip to India and Thailand and so have no time to read these two, but did want to follow through … Continue reading

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Forbes figures it out: owning stuff and letting it sit there, mostly unused, is so yesterday . . .

Yesterday, sitting in the waiting room of Urgent Care waiting for my single (unfortunately, you need three for full immunity, and no time left before I leave on Friday) vaccine shot for hepatitus B, I came across this terrific article … Continue reading

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Lyn Dalebout: “Life and growth and forward momentum are happening moment to moment . . . in the midst of crisis and unforeseen catalysts. We must respond quickly~swiftly~intuitively . . .”

This, from my dear friend and fellow astrologer Lyn Dalebout in Jackson Hole, truly loverly! Plus, its disjointed, light-filled, liquid tone expresses beautifully the wild currents of early 2013. And I so appreciate the care Lyn takes to create beautiful … Continue reading

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