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On my way outta here for “the time being”!

So. As I head out to never never land (Siberia/Mongolia), a bit of gallows humor is in order. Especially since I’m 74 years old, and about to embark on a mighty trek! I drive to my lifelong friend Mary’s house … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village and Friends: Solstice Gathering, Photos

Green Acres Village and friends took ourselves to Eva’s house out in the countryside for Summer Solstice Ceremony and Celebration this year, telling friends to meet at 6 p.m., with ceremony at 6:30, and dinner at 7:00. Well, I, for … Continue reading

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Pedogate Researchers: It’s time “to heal the soul of this nation.”

Dear Briana is visiting over the Solstice; late this morning she and I compared notes on 2 a.m. “anxiety.” Me: “It feels like icky static throughout my body. When I’m able to be fully present to each and every second … Continue reading

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As I prepare for lift-off to Siberia/Mongolia . . .

I find myself less and less able to focus here on this blog. And in fact, may stop altogether after taking pics from this evening’s Solstice event and posting them tomorrow. And, BTW: Happy Summer Solstice! It’s already happened folks, … Continue reading

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Who IS Vladimir Putin? And why does it matter?

I’ve been a big fan of Vladimir Putin for several years, finding him to be not only massively intelligent, articulate, wide-ranging and detailed in his comprehension, but literally, I consider him the only real statesman of the 21st century. See … Continue reading

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Learning from Nature in Green Acres Village

On our early morning walks, puppy Shadow and I often encounter pickups rumbling by with trailers hauling big, heavy equipment: lawn service companies. While I admire the entreprenurial spirit of those who set themselves up in the business taking care … Continue reading

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Contrast Accelerates: Supermarket Consolidation vs. Permaculture Proliferation

In the past three days, we’ve learned that a subsidiary of Kroger is set to buy bunches of Marsh Supermarkets (two of them here in Bloomington), and Amazon is going to buy Whole Foods (A “lower-cost” version of Whole Foods, “360”, … Continue reading

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On My Sister Krissy’s Birthday: The Joys of Family

Today is the day, my youngest sister Kristin’s birthday. She will be 59! Which means she is coming into her second Saturn return in 2018! And which means, as she says, “You guys are really old.” I called her at … Continue reading

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