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Four Horsemen Documentary: "Let us prey"

Two official trailers, both informative. Thanks to son Colin for the pointer.

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Greetings from the starship Athabantian, February 28, 2012

This is an interesting new channelling from Mark Kimmel’s site that offers an optimistic overview of our current status in the procession (“Ascension”) from 3rd to 4th and ultimately 5th dimensions, individually, collectively, and as a planet. I read a … Continue reading

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Local Action: Initiatives to create Local Food Commons spreading in U.S

In Bloomington, Indiana, to build local food security we are in the initial stages of manifesting the 85-acre Trillium Horticulture Park. Meanwhile, I see a report which states that there are nearly 5000 acres in New York City suitable for … Continue reading

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Vandana Shiva: Occupy our Food Supply

And it just got a bit harder to do: On Monday, the judge dismissed the class action suit by organic farmers against Monsanto. Just this morning finished adding to a community-wide local foods bulk order of soil amendments for the … Continue reading

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Was the worst aspect of NDAA just gutted?

Or was this a temporary “political” move in an election year. Thanks to Barack Obama Waives Rule Allowing Indefinite Military Detention Of Americans February 28, 2012 by Michael McAuliff WASHINGTON — The White House released rules Tuesday evening waiving … Continue reading

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Six days in February and here we are! In the NOW, as always, plus Zen Gardner: "hold on and let go!"

Post UFO Congress, February 22-27th: On the way home from the Indy airport Monday night, my son Colin, who picked me up, was downloading me the info I’d appreciate from the previous week, and our conversation was so intense that … Continue reading

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Back in town, moving slowly . . .

Hi everybody, I said I’d get back in the saddle today, but am moving much more slowly now that I’ve been off-screen for a week. (Very slow internet connection at the conference center, so I basically let it go completely. … Continue reading

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2012 International UFO Congress, here I come!

It’s the day before I leave for Scottsdale, Arizona, and the 21st annual 2012 International UFO Congress. My fourth. Anyone who hasn’t been there scratches his or her head when I announce the purpose of my February 22-27 trip. Since … Continue reading

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