Trump is GEOTUS? Chew on this post.

I just barely skimmed through this endless, utterly fascinating compilation. No work of fiction could possibly match the twisting complexity and layering of what may be the FAKERY that appears to have gone down between Queen Clinton and Co. and the rest of us deplorables. 

P.S. Notice how, no matter what the MSM/DNC, etc. throws at him, Trump just ploughs on through, using their hatred and scorn as fuel, seeming to grow more and more sure of himself — and thus less and less in need of bloviating exaggeration — by the day? 

Oh I know I know. Some of his policies make me cringe. For example, he has absolutely no comprehension and/or regard for the fact that we live on a living, conscious, finite planetary being. That Earth’s blood and bones and skin are being punctured, extracted, mined, polluted by a predatory winner-take-all capitalistic economic system that feeds and feeds until it kills its host. That even if we manage to “lift off” the planet and go elsewhere, it’s doubtful we could do it in a timely manner so as not to go extinct with all the other Earthling species.

Even so, Trump IS the right man for NOW, given the enormous, impossible task of crashing the systemically corrupt system and pulling the plug on evil.



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  1. It helps for me to always keep in mind God has a sense of humor.

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