November 2017: When we begin to “believe six impossible things before breakfast”

4Chan’s Swamp down the rabbit hole jpeg

Click on the chart to see details. As Kauilapele says, it seems about right to him, and to me, two of the thousands of citizen investigators who have been scurrying down multiple rabbit holes for years now.

Meanwhile, two current articles on SOTN speak to me:

GEORGE SOROS: The Back Story No One Talks About

P.S. Soros appears on level two of the four-tiered rabbit hole jpeg chart noted above. In other words, according to this chart Soros is not a controller, but a high level puppet.

Screenshot of a tiny piece of the above mentioned jpeg that we all need to see the whole of!

Hey, and this may be the time to remind us all of the wikileaks tweet:

And this tweet happens to be a great lead-in for the next post that speaks to me.

November 2017: The Month When All Hell Breaks Loose

Focusing a wide-angled lens on what has been taking place geopolitically since the American Eclipse back on September 21, the article concludes in a manner that echoes my original view, based on astrology and intuition, of Trump, Putin, and the relationship between them, way back in late 2016 (see this, and this, and then continuing in the first half of 2017 (see this and this). 

Oh, and see my original astrological assessment of Putin, back in 2014 (this).

Here is the conclusion to the above article:

It’s no quirk of fate or miracle that Donald Trump was elected POTUS in 2016.  Nor is it just a fortuitous coincidence that Vladimir Putin is President of the Russian Federation during these apocalyptic times.  Both of these men had a date with destiny.  And they both showed up right on time.

What the world is about to witness is just how serious that date with destiny really is.  For each of these two leaders has been chosen to usher the world community of nations through the proverbial eye of the needle.  That can only be done by an individual(s) who has the right stuff.  The challenges are far too great and far too many to be managed by lesser men.

Trump & Putin Subvert Deep State Snoops by Conducting Stealth Diplomacy On The Sidelines Of APEC Summit (Photo Says It All!)

Just as Putin has shown his countrymen what love of country really looks like, Trump has shown his fellow Americans how to speak truth to power.  Each has served as a stellar example of what can be done when one takes back their power and stands in their own truth.  Trump has also breathed new meaning into the notion of being patriotic.  He knows that when the populace will no longer serve their country out of patriotism, the United States will cease to exist.

This is why everything is about to change—BIG time!  “The New Atlantis” is very much an unfinished project, and it can only be completed by those of like mind. THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages  Not only do Presidents Trump and Putin have similar vision (and mindsets), they were divinely selected to lead their respective nations during this critical period in human history.


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