INTERIM REPORT! Back in full on Friday or Saturday.

Just in case you noticed: all my sites were down for awhile, due to the fact that I am changing “hosting.” This site is supposedly back up in full, though that will become clearer as time goes on.

Meanwhile, I have a few photos for you:

The first showing puppy Shadow, as we arrived in Acton Massachusetts after  driving from Syracuse for somewhere between 7 and 8 hours. The day before, we drove 13 hours from Bloomington to Syracuse. And he was exceptionally good, the entire time. YES!

Next, several shots from three day whirlwind train trip to NYC with granddaughter Kiera. We were able to spend two of those days with JK Canepa, my new soul sister and roommate on the Siberian trip last summer, and four intense hours with Fred Kolo, whom I have known since I was 5 years old. Both JK and Fred were born within sixty days of me, and the two of them have been in New York City since 1964 and 1965 respectively. Most of our time was spent in their home turfs, the East and West Village areas of the city, learning about and touring some of the wonderful, all-volunteer community gardens from JK; and about the egos, complexities, and vagaries of the theater, television, and film set design world from Fred. Much to ponder for 17-year-old Kiera, who is interested in design of some kind as she moves forward in life.

This shot shows just one panel from the hundreds of fun and inventive street art displays on our community garden tour.

Here are two pieces of extraordinary street art:

JK, in her sweet little medicinal herb garden in the East Village. (The next day she lugged 200 pounds of soil into her site from not sure where. Was going to use her handcart, but ended up taking an Uber to get it there.)

Aside from these bits from NYC, I decided not to blog on or about this family visit to my older son Sean.

More soon.

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