Veteran War Correspondent and Occupy bard Chris Hedges resurfaces — at Occupy Harvard!

Hedges says his “yard pass” into Harvard Yard (for a lecture) will let him camp with the students “all night long.” (Big cheers at this news.) And, that he’ll be with Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Park this Friday night.

Here are a few remarks from my notes, but the whole thing begs to be transcribed as endlessly interesting. Anyone want to transcribe and send to me to post?

“There’s a huge difference in teaching people how to think and teaching people what to think. This institution, like Stanford and others, is being turned into a glorified engineering school, with subtle discrimination against the humanities, and other disciplines that teach you how to think, how to question assumptions . . .”

“Harvard gives polish to figures like Kissinger and MacNamara who should have spent the rest of their lives in jail.”

Re: the arrests: “We have something to offer and something to say. And the only language they’re capable of is that of force. And it just exposes them for who they are.” [The police are] the weak link the chain. And when we break that link, we win. That has been true of every revolution.”

Chris Hedges: Harvard Feeds the Plutocracy

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