Occupy Police starts to strut its stuff

The new website, occupypolice.org, shows the way for what Chris Hedges calls “the foot soldiers of the 1%.”

TAKING A STAND! Sheriff REFUSES to Evict a 103 Year Old Woman From Her Home #OWS #OcPo

November 30, 2011

An Atlanta operated branch of Deutsche Bank decided yesterday that it was time to evict 103 year old Vita Lee and her 83 year old daughter. They put out the word, and dispatched Movers and the Fulton County Sheriff to evict the Lee’s ..however ….when both, the Movers and Fulton County Sheriff arrived on scene, it didn’t take more then one look at Vita, before they turned to each other and said “No Way!”

[See occupypolice story for the video, which didn’t load here.]
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