Occupy Bloomington occupies the IU Kelly School of Business during a J.P. Morgan recruiting event

An extraordinary photo accompanies this short article in today’s Indiana Daily Student (IDS) newspaper. The local Herald-Times also made this action the top story on its front page, written in a neutral tone (congratulations!). The story was also picked up by the Chicago Tribune, which added this comment: “IU student Paul Gillette tells the Indiana Daily Student he is disappointed the protesters ruined a chance for students to learn about careers in banking.” (Joke?)

As far as I know, this is the first in-your-face action of Occupy Bloomington, (see this) which has been camped in People’s Park for nearly two months. Today, there was also a letter to the editor in the H-T about the encampment from an out-of-town visitor:

” . . . we were especially impressed with the Occupy Bloomington folks, who patiently explained their mission to us, invited us to take a rest at their encampment and to have a bit of snack food. They carefully explained how the growth of income and wealth disparity in this country has turned our nation into a plutocracy. One young woman quoted a statement by the late Supreme Court Justice Brandeis, “A nation can have an extreme disparity of wealth and income or democracy, but not both.” The courage, intelligence and commitment to peaceful protest of these demonstrators was truly inspiring. I am confident that their selflessness, as well as that of their counterparts all over this country, will lead to replacing our plutocracy with the democracy our forefathers fought for.”

Police respond, arrest protesters at Kelley School of Business

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At least five people were arrested Tuesday after IU Police broke up a protest taking place at the Kelley School of Business in solidarity with Occupy IU and Occupy Bloomington

The protesters blocked a door, sitting cross-legged on the floor with their arms linked. Most moved when asked by police, but those who didn’t were arrested.Protesters also alleged at least two of them were assaulted by an IUPD detective in a gray suit during the incident.

“This action is an important local step in the progression of the Occupy movement and will be a visible discussion topic in the upcoming weeks,” said a press notification sent earlier today.

Protesters were at Kelley because of a J.P. Morgan event in the school.

The protesters originally met at the Herman B Wells library and moved to the graduate side of Kelley.

Continue checking idsnews.com for updates.

— Michael Auslen and Mark Keierleber

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  1. Hannah Hinchman says:

    Is the girl in the picture upset because the can’t attend the bank’s presentation? What’s the story there? Ann, we seem to have both Bloomington and Jackson Hole in common.

    • She’s an activist, according to the Herald-Times, which has a similar photo (though not nearly as stark and dramatic) and the cut-line under it: “A member of the Indiana University Police Department struggles with activist Morgan Eldridge after several other people were arrested. . .”

  2. bobbykni says:

    this is pathetic. all the demonstrators hurt their cause and lot the entire respect of the community. they didn’t stop JP morgan, just stopped them from offering good jobs to my students.

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