More fun with meme masks. Keep the commentary coming! Let’s do this!

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Remember that what we’re doing here is having fun with masks, since they are being “mandated” in more and more towns, cities, counties and states. But NOT nationally, insists President Trump.

(Today’s Bloomington Indiana local paper just made a long-awaited official county-wide mandate the top headline.)

For those, like me, who tend to think in layers of meaning, and always have, we recognize the “rules for plandemics” layer as located within a no-longer hidden deep state plot, meant to continuously subdivide human beings into tinier and tinier groups (race, religion, class, politics, education, etc.), all with an ulterior motive, to make us judge, hate, and, ultimately, fight one another — to the point of chaos. Only then will we be confused, exhausted, and demoralized enough to allow ourselves to insidiously and gratefully be herded into a type of  long-desired “unity” that will be, to our dismay, if we are still thinking at all, pernicious rather than welcome.

How to get this long-term operation going?

Easy-peasy. Turn the educational system into a program of indoctrination wherein socialistic “group projects” are encouraged over friendly individual competition/cooperation. This encourages people to identify with their group rather than as a sovereign individual. Voila: “identity politics.”

Then arrange so that these groups turn on each other and fight, broadcasting and utilizing the ensuing conflict as a distraction from recognizing this fighting as a near-final step in a diabolical plot to control us all, lock us down permanently in a centralized New World Order.

The dynamic is Hegelian: set up certain conditions (Action: create “group identities”) which in turn (Reaction), make people turn on each other and fight; from which ensuing chaos we then beg for relief from outside central authority (Solution). Got it?

The Victim/Savior polarity, writ large.

Besides masks, of course the deep state needs to make sure we “socially distance.” Skeptics ask, “why six feet, and not five or four, or ten? It seems arbitrary!” But maybe not. Six feet apart unconsciously reminds us of six feet under, which I sense this rule is designed to do, thus ramping up fear — since just about everybody in western culture has been taught to fear death above all else. And of course, without fear, there is no control.

“Social distance” is required so that it becomes difficult to communicate in person in a normal speaking voice.

And, notice, masks also make it so we lose most of a person’s facial expressions, which also communicate. On the other hand, masks force us to pay attention to eyes, which is a good thing. The more of us who look through our eyes from soul to soul, the more we recognize not just our unity, but our communion!

And let’s not forget the more and more detailed rules for schools, churches, small businesses, and local restaurants and bars especially, and of course make those rules difficult to interpret or ambiguous, plus alter them frequently. Each new set requires a new sign out front. Think of how sign makers are cashing in on the controlavirus!

So, though masks are only part of this gestapo-like roll-out,  it is one part that’s very easy to think of ways we can have fun, be creative, communicate even more effectively than usual — plus, and this is a BIG plus, given that the usual protocols are upended, those who usually don’t communicate, begin to do so! THE POLARITIES BEGIN TO DISSOLVE.

So yes. Let’s turn the mask mandate on its ear, as in the boomerang effect.

This is part of the Art of War, and make no mistake, we are in a war, an info/disinfo/misinfo war; and one way to make sure we stay both centered as unique individuals and connected with our fellow human beings is to make memes of our masks.

Plus, for me, the way I know this project truly IS fun, is that the whole idea continues to give me energy rather than take it away. I remember Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins saying, at some point, “If it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing,” something like that. Yes!

Check out this current comment thread with James. I have a feeling more and more of us will start to realize that if we can’t fight ’em,  join ’em, but in our own way, turning the tables upside down and eventually making it so whoever is masterminding this most gigantic and long-running psy-op in the history of the world will want to get rid of all those durn masks, quick!

First, James sent me a truly beautiful meme mask (who says makes can’t be both meaningful and aesthetic?), see above.

When I asked him if he had his own meme mask, he responded:

And when I asked if he had worn it yet, and if so, any response? I got this. A goldmine of anecdotal information!

While reading about our official mask mandate in this morning’s paper I noticed that my neighborhood fire station, only about six blocks from here, was going to have masks to give away. Thinking I would get one and make a meme out of it, puppy Shadow and I traipsed on over there on our regular morning walk and knocked. A fireman came to the door, unlocked and opened it, expectant. I asked “Do you have any masks yet?”

“I think they’ll be downtown at headquarters.”

“Well, the paper said this fire station would have them.”

“Well, we’ll be the last to know,” he grinned, and then added, “Actually I was just reading about it in the paper myself.”

I paused, looked at him meaningfully and asked, “Do you believe in this whole mask scenario?”

He looked at me, as if assessing whether he should speak his mind, and decided not to (after all, he was in his official fireman uniform, and I sensed. him wondering if we were within earshot of the other firemen inside). He grimaced, looking anxious: “Well, ah.  .  .”

“Because I don’t. And when you do get masks here, I’m going to come back, get one, and make a meme out of it.”

I said this in a light-hearted manner, and yes, I felt light-hearted, this was not an act! I thanked him; he said, warmly, “Yes, do come back. And I guess we’ll need to have a sign outside, too.” Yep.

I left, deeply satisfied. Why?

Because I’ve long lived with what I consider a most universal and powerful motto. It’s this: “WHAT WE’RE DOING HERE ON THIS PLANET IS “MOVING STUFF AROUND”. . . . WHICH IS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE FOR RELATIONSHIP!”

Another relationship forged briefly, soul to soul.

Here’s a news story about an interesting website. It turns out the idea of deliberately obviously ineffective webby masks is taking off. The title of the piece, however, turns me off. We’re having fun with the idea! No fear, or judgment, please; since, all too often, fear turns into hate.

Anti-Mask Protestors new weapon:  wearing masks that offer no Covid-19 protection

Finally, check this out . . .

KarliQ, who posted it, comments sardonically:

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  1. Jill says:

    You’ll get a chuckle from some of these images:

  2. Jill says:

    This video from Scotland has a few examples of fun masks to fight the tyranny. One is a little vulgar for my taste, but all of them would definitely get attention and a laugh. The clip on alternative masks starts about 30 minutes in and lasts a couple of minutes.–Er0O4&

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