Monday, July 20, 2020: New Moon in Cancer, directly opposite Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto

. . . and BTtW, this five-planet opposition squares Eris in Aries, creating a furious, dynamic cardinal T-cross. More on Eris later.

One way to view this extraordinary year’s ongoing, unrolling, deeply tumultuous and revealing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that, to me, on a collective level feels like a painful suppurating hot boil surging up from buried depths of the collective unconscious, is to pay attention to events when planets conjunct, square, or oppose this Triple Whammy that, on a collective level, is being used to “drain the swamp(s)” — global down to local, re: financial, political, educational, medical, corporate, entertrainment, Hollywood, pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, etc.

Remember, New Moon’s signify New Beginnings in the sign they occupy. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer: is this to be remembered as a new beginning for the original signature on July 4 1776 of this (four planets in — home loving, nurturing, deeply caring, mothering, family and community oriented —) Cancer nation?

But, and it’s a big BUT: tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer, sits directly across from the ongoing Triple Whammy in Capricorn —

— and in fact, this New Moon sits exactly at 28° Cancer, opposite karmic Saturn, also now at 28°. Plus, I’d say in this case, let’s pay attention not only to events, but to events we’ve been told will happen: “for the next eight weeks,” said President Trump on July 16 — the very day that the Sun, at 24° Cancer, completed its exact opposition to Pluto! — “starting on Tuesday” the day after the New Moon.

And when will this eight period end? On September 8, just prior to the anniversary of the last False Flag — 911 — that prepared a traumatized populace for this even more massive False Flag, the ongoing Scamdemic/economic debacle.


Let’s look again at the chart above. Notice the cardinal T-cross with tiny, faraway Eris, also near conjunct the Descendant of the chart set for the moment of the New Moon in Washington, D.C?

Any planet on or near the Descendant of a chart usually works by projection, or mirroring. We see coming at us a part of ourselves. In this case, the fiery roiling violence now endemic in certain (Democrat-run) cities, and especially Portland, IS our inner fury as a nation, at the moment of the New Moon.

Transit Eris, which is so far out that its cycle is 558 years, and so elliptic that its sojourn through signs can vary tremendously, has occupied Aries since 1927, and will continue to hold that sign until 2047, when it finally moves into Taurus. In other words, everybody on earth was born with Eris in Aries, and so were most of our ancestors and generations to come — all of which makes Eris in Aries more of a collective signature than an individual one, unless the person happens to have Eris on or very near an important planet and/or angle of the chart.

Like me, for example, with Eris, sister of warlike Mars, i.e., the female warrior, at 4° warlike Aries, sitting on the hidden root point of the chart, and igniting change, via nine planets, all closely aspected in a massive natal T-cross/Grand Cross integration with the Midheaven. Change is my middle name! I cannot help but function as a fiery change agent.

If you want to know the symbolism of Eris, check out this website: excellent information.

Meanwhile, recognize that this time period stretching between the late 1920s and 2047 carry the ongoing overall signature of strife and discord, since not only is Eris (or “Discordia”) a very discontented goddess, but during these 130 years she occupies the sign of impulsive Aries, which rules her brother, Mars. Which to me, makes it even more remarkable that of all American presidents in the past 30 years, over nearly four years now, President Donald Trump has NOT allowed the deep state to start yet another new war.

The 2017 movie Wonder Woman reminded us of some of her flavor.

Since Eris is exalted in the sign of Cancer, we can assume that her chief concern is for the hugely stressed and denigrated processes and dynamics of  birthing, mothering, caring, etc. on all levels. She introduces the female warrior aspect to protect and re-introduce the deep feminine energy of generation and regeneration into the coming transformation of the still-prevailing, profoundly imbalanced macho culture of money-grubbing, greed, avarice, corruption, and war.

Luckily, the integration between positive male and positive female energies is beginning to happen, but in only fits and starts, and often, unfortunately, torqued, tortured into painful caricature. One might even say that the current “politically correct” “virtue-signaling” focus on “GENDER” is a severely misguided attempt at integrating deep feminine energy with deep masculine energy, since it locates this integration in the body, rather than in the psyche.

Implication: In order to transform this culture, we are going to need to include and welcome dimensions beyond the still prevailing materialism.

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