Cathy O’Brien: IS TRUMP ONE OF US?

Another zinger has hit the airwaves in the accelerating information war that rages across the planet as we head into the 2020 Presidential election season.

Antifa Faction of Anonymous pushing FAKE scenarios about Trump/Epstein

It even includes a supposed court doc:

Here’s a long story talking about the above and other supposed sex cases involving Trump.

Meanwhile, I suggest we keep our eyes on the ball. Realize that what’s going on is one of a number of failed attempts (Mueller investigation, impeachment, pandemic with economic collapse, and now, false-flag ignited, Antifa-led riots in Democrat-run cities) to bring this President down before he is able to Drain the Swamp.

Here’s a recent post by Cathy O’Brien. Remember her? MKUltra “Presidential Level” Teenage Sex Slave Assigned to the White House/Pentagon in the Clinton era? Having finally awakened from the trauma-based conditioning she received as a child that split her mind and rendered her a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate for 30 years, she knows a thing or two. If you have not yet read her book, Trance Formation of America, PLEASE DO! That book woke me up. Though it took me several years to finally let the meaning of her horrific account sink in, frankly, it’s Trump’s determination to rid the world of the dark world of child sex trafficking and much much worse that first made me recognize him as much more than a blowhard egomaniac. Indeed, who else but a man who is terrifically FULL OF HIMSELF could fend off the continuous barrage of negativity aimed at him from every quarter for the past four years?


Trump: One of US?


“Trump is not one of us,” my MK Ultra handler Alex Houston warned as he dropped me off inside the doors of Atlantic City’s most opulent casino. It was 1985, and I was under robotic MK Ultra mind control orders to meet Reagan’s attaché Philip Habib as detailed in TRANCE Formation of America.

Saying someone is ‘not one of us’ was common trigger phraseology that forbid I should have ‘any contact any time anywhere with anyone’ outside the cabal of New World Order Deep State perpeTraitors.

A Threat To The Deep State

Donald Trump was of deep concern to those shadow government criminals in control of my mind, our media, information, education, and justice system.

I had no ability to question or reason under mind control, or I would have wondered what it was about Trump that intimidated them so much that he was ‘forbidden’. Maybe they feared he had eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know that their criminal activity was draining our country and, in turn, was fully capable of draining their Wash DC swamp.

Today, people often ask me what I knew about Trump. Having never met him, perpeTraitors’ deep stated fear that ‘he’s not one of us’ says it all. Like everyone else, I am experiencing our President and his Administration’s accomplishments as we live through these pivotal times in history. I never thought I’d live to see the deeply entrenched swamp being drained, exposing the vast array of swamp creatures lurking in the murk.

Mark and I often pondered how dismantling the New World Order could possibly be accomplished and realized it would have to be a concerted effort on local, state, federal, and global levels. This would require a Great Awakening of biblical proportions since awareness is the first step toward positive necessary change.

“It’s not important who I support, it is who supports me that matters.”

Analyze Reality

People also ask if I support Trump. Mark’s retort to such questions was always, “It’s not important who I support, it is who supports me that matters.” In view of healing from my past, I know who to trust because I know how to trust, which means I scrutinize political actions, integrity of promises kept, and support positive changes on their own merits.

Controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections have finally been exposed, which empowers u.s. to vigilantly maintain free thought integrity of elections we reclaimed in 2016.

I’ve blown the whistle on global education for 30 years, and now I’m seeing this Administration address the issue on a federal level while empowering we-the-people to reclaim our local schools. Parents weary of seeing their precious children schooled and programmed to embrace socialism and gender confusion are demanding free choice in education, and it, too, has been granted.

Our criminal justice system is being restored to uphold our sacred Constitution through the appointment of Judges, while awareness empowers communities to secure justice on local levels.  Wisdom out thinks a criminal mind every time, and we are witnessing and participating in the greatest display of good triumphing over evil in history.

What I Think of Trump

People who still wonder what I think of Trump need only to read my testimony in TRANCE for their own answers and insight into the magnitude of what is being accomplished today.

Human trafficking is now being effectively addressed rather than sanctioned on federal levels, while we-the-people are empowered to take vigilant action in our own communities. What my daughter and I endured under White House/Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control must never be allowed to happen to anyone ever again. Awareness is key, and positive actions being taken today feel like univerSOUL justice to me.

Indeed, New World Order/Deep State perpeTraitors said it all when they claimed that Trump is not one of them… which, in turn, makes him one of US.

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9 Responses to Cathy O’Brien: IS TRUMP ONE OF US?

  1. DavidFulton3 says:

    Nebraska Lic. Reg. ; ‘JNKYDOG’, with DoD Reg. ; ‘M1K-0Q3’ NLON CT, with CSIS Contractor “Jimmy LaRue”, TX Lic. Reg. ; ‘BM8-P307’, was sent, to target me in Woburn, MA, for 2 1/2 months (April-June 2011), under the Hillary Clinton State Dept. …He (JNKYDOG) was the same man, that had previously been sent, to target Cathy O’Brien.

  2. ExposingTheCabal says:

    Trump was bailed out by the Rothchilds via Rothchilds + Co, lead by Wilbur Ross.

    He owes his current fortune to the Rothschilds, and appointed Wilbur Ross as his Secretary of Commerce.

    Maria Farmer told Whitney Webb in a publicly available telephone interview, that Ivan Trump used to help Ghislaine Maxwell find minors for Epstein. Also Maria Farmer said that Ghislaine Maxwell said that the Rothchilds protects her.

    Alexander Acosta protected Epstein’s co-conspirators during the first legal proceedings, and granting them immunity from prosecution if Epstein plead guilty (to watered down charges). He took the plea deal. Alexander Acosta was appointed to be Secretary Of Labor when Trump got elected.

    Trump just fired Berman, who was the US attorney who did the job that Acosta should have done.

    It doesn’t seem to me that Trump wants to stop VIP child abuse, based on him promoting Acosta, and firing Berman.

    Also, seeing as Trump is owned by the Rothschilds, it’s very unlikely that he is against the Deep State. The Rothchilds are also friends with Hilary… They own both sides. Choice is an illusion.

    Trump is a billionaire, celebrity, businessman, who is owes his fortune to the Rothchilds bailing him out.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Worth a dig. Anyone want to do it?

      • Just Me says:

        Yep, I’m in. We need the truth and nothing but the truth. I personally don’t believe anyone owns Trump.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          It’s impossible for me to imagine the kind and texture and levels of security that must surround both him and his family. Truly a man of steel, and extremely courageous. Yesterday’s remark that he realizes he is the only president that could do what he must do, despite the forces that want to take him down, really hit home to the heart.

    • Ancient 1 says:

      This is so patently silly premie facie that it really needs no argument. There is so much more going on that at this point that you’ll either know, under confusion/delusion or not want to know. I’ts that simple and it happens each and every time we as a species reach this point. Choose and choose wisely

  3. St Demonious says:

    The Rothschilds have been controlling the globe since the The Napoleonic Wars.

    In the USA, the Rothschilds started by financing both sides of the Civil War and have gone on to finance both sides of every war thereafter.

    Financing both sides of war or financing both sides of a (fake) two party election system. Not such a big leap, is it?

    Better still, a “maxim” of the House of Rothschilds: “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws.”


  4. April says:

    Dearest Cathy,
    Many years ago when I lived in Mississippi, you and I used to write each other letters. We had shared information about what was “then” going on and what you went through. It’s been so many years now, but I’ve wondered how to find you over the past years. We were pen pals then the letters just stopped after the last one which had been addressed to me but was written by Mark Phillips. He had told me that you had a break down and was in the hospital. I had gotten the impression that he may have broke off our letter writing because he thought you were telling me too much.

    I already knew most of what you had told me anyway, so I looked at it as we were just talking about how things were going in life and my opinion of your book, Trans-formation of America.

    I truly hope you get this and will respond.

    God bless,
    April Parker

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