FIRST, note the above, for it’s what got me going on this looong post. Note both Trump’s remarks and the person who decoded the mispelled word “supremest” to possibly link Antifa to the CIA. True? Trump does speak in code at times.

Initially, when I saw the original Trump tweet about Antifa as OWS rebranded, I got pissed off. Right away, doubt arose. Who IS Trump, that he would link that obviously idealistic, hopeful, non-violent movement that called, via living communal example, for a more promising future for all, to the violence of Antifa thugs?

But then I decided to dig a bit, into the origins of Antifa, and so on. First came across an article which notes the polarization back then between OWS and the Tea Party, active only during the 2012 election cycle. (In 2013, the Tea Party was shut down by the IRS, and finally received comupance by the Justice Department in 2017. ) Back then, the usual polarity was observed: In this case, The Tea Party was branded as violent and OWS branded as non-violent. And yet, according to this article there were two groups of people who frequented the New York City OWS. The hippie artist caring communal folks by day (which I very much identified with, and posted a series of articles about consistently caring, communal Occupy Bloomington), and “professional protestors” by night. So if that’s the case, then Trump might be half-right: Antifa IS (that split within) OWS rebranded.

Antifa is just Occupy Wall Street Rebranded. Here’s How I Know

Which reminds me. Re: the many photos and videos of pallets of bricks on streets of Democrat-run cities dropped off prior to scheduled protests: these piles  are obviously sourced from somewhere, and, all by themselves, demonstrate that either Antifa, and/or supposedly free-floating anarchist groups, are actually, somehow, at least at this point, organized and directed from some kind of top-down organization. George Soros? Bill Gates? Both? Or:  there may also be at least one more layer (of course). Namely, that we are meant to notice, via the stacked bricks (and caged stones, BTW), the coordination of these protests which are meant to turn violent, in order to incite further fear, anger, chaos, etc., and yes, of course, “TO BRING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER.”

Then there’s the very instructive video of the young black man who called out Antifa as having corrupted Black Lives Matter a few years ago.


Plus, my housemate Dan tells me that some liberals are now warning about the bricks, and urging peaceful protestors NOT to take the bait. If so, a split seems to be developing between liberals and extreme leftists. Thank goodness! I watched in awe and horror as my liberal home turned more and more extreme over the past what? decade? — so much so that it was one of the nudges that led me to me flip to mostly conservative.

Here’s one interesting version of the historical origins of Antifa, written three years ago:

Word of the Week: Antifa

In any case, it appears that Antifa gained steam when Trump became President in 2016.  In short, I’d call Antifa  (a more or less violent, young people’s version) of TDS.

Origins of Antifa

If you look at nothing else today, watch this next video all the way through. Not long. Pulls no punches. This is the same Lara Logan who had the goods on Epstein three years in advance and her network refused to run it.

Okay, one more, this from Robert David Steele, once a CIA operative himself (see above Trump quote) to wit: Both the Black Man (who didn’t die) and the White Cop that knelt on him were actors, well paid agents provocateurs, to get this intricately designed false flag going, incite divisions, civil war, burn down America, and of course, above all, make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected.  (Steele is by no means the only one who says the man didn’t die. The difference is, this CIA man is intimately familiar with false flags through the decades.)

P.S, Remember the Project Veritas video of Bernie staff member saying that if Bernie wasn’t nominated “cities will burn”??!



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5 Responses to FASCIST ANTIFA: Pawns of the CIA?

  1. The brick were delivered by a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, a company of which Bill Gates was recently a chairperson on their board. Yes, the Deep State is heavily involved in this operation, a long-planned insurrection against the People and the Law of the Land. If the mayors, county administrators, and governors refuse to fulfill their obligations to protect the peace, then Mr. Trump has no other alternative than to call in the troops to regain peace and civility. The Marxist satanists (Khazarian mafia) want the power back and will do anything to get it. They do not care a fig for the man, woman, or child on the street. Just money, power, and the ability to do whatever they please to whomever they please. We need to defend our neighborhoods and say “NO!” to lawlessness and mindless rioting which will effect no change but result in those in power taking away yet more of our dwindling rights as citizens.

  2. James says:

    We’ve always been very concerned about the FedGov turning the military loose on the people. That’s what’s happening here. So, despite the fact that Antifa are domestic terrorists and need ‘taking out’ with the trash, and the city pigs have shown themselves unwilling to do their jobs – we still need to watch the FedGov very, very closely. If they don’t stand the Military down immediately after Antifa has been dealt with, or they also start targeting citizens who are protecting their own homes and small businesses against the mob (city pigs have already been documented doing this), then we’ve got a war against the people on two fronts to deal with, and those odds are terrible.

    We know there are plenty in the FedGov who want to see the entire Bill of Rights abolished and this country turned into a western version of the CCP. What remains to be seen is whether Trump’s really been one of them in disguise all this time. You know they always have layers upon layers of BS going on to F with people’s heads and try to confuse the issue. Even the QTard motto of “Where We Go One, We Go All”, if you look at it from a slightly different angle, is the very definition of Communism. (Props to Florida Maqui for that astute observation).

    Everyone needs to keep their head on a swivel and be prepared to administer their own lead injections to keep their homes and businesses safe, if it comes down to that. I hope it does not. There’s one thing we have in common with Antifa – there’s not much trust for either local LEOs or the Military at this point. They’re gonna have to re-earn that the hard way…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, a double-whammy threat, perhaps. Or not! I do think much depends upon each of us both being acutely aware of the dangers AND focused our own indivdiual role in the transformation of the world.

  3. rose day says:

    RE: bricks source . . . the Berkshire Hathaway connection does not necessarily imply that BH is abetting the rioting yet offers a method for tracking purchase of the bricks and ‘game over’ for brick pallets as riot gear.

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