Douglas “Uncola” Lynn: “Identity Politics and Climate Change are the Twin Pillars of the New Relligion”

Always on the lookout for alternative (and expanded, but grounded) perspectives on “what is really going on,” here’s one amazing blogger that has eluded me up until this very morning: Douglas “Uncola” Lynn. Here’s his latest:

IN THE BUBBLE: Trump’s Presidency Reveals

Seven Undeniable Facts about the Swamp

I especially enjoyed Uncola’s reflections on the clues buried in people’s last names, eg CIAramello, BUTTegig, TRUMP.

And wow: I’ll never forget Fact #6:

6.) Identity Politics and Climate Change are the Twin Pillars of the New Religion

If Trump was elected on the twin platforms of immigration and trade, The Resistance has countered back with melaningenitalia, and the weather.

Identity politics and the legislation of social justice policies have stifled the rights of free speech and freedom of association throughout the democratic nations of the western world. And they materialized as the result of language manipulation.  Remember when gender used to represent male or female?  Yet, in that example, the word “identity” was added after “gender” thus opening a verifiable Pandora’s Box of Orwellian Newspeak.

Today in formerly free societies, men and women are forced to navigate Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities, consisting of an entirely new lexicon including neo-designations such as AgenderCisgender,  CeterosexualCeteroromanticDemigenderEnby, and Epicene; just to name a few.

Political Correctness is a means of thought control in the bubble, designed to protect imaginary victims from the societal sins of xenophobiasexismhomophobism, and racism.

And climate change is a means for global regulation and taxation.

The Swamp has implemented both schemes in order to unite the world via social justice and open borders illegal immigration.  It works because many people in the bubble acknowledge the wisdom of loving others while caring for Mother Earth.  Moreover, many others must believe in the new morality as atonement for their guilt.

It is a new religion.  Or, perhaps, an old one with new names.


Correction, THE new religion, if globalists, including Pope Francis, get their way.

In another post, Uncola mentions that the only alternative to the increasingly surveilled centralized technocratic police state is de-centralization. YES. 

Speaking of de-centralizaiton, here’s one suggestion:

Want to double the world food production? Return the land to small farmers





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