Jordan Peterson’s Saturn/Pluto Ordeal

Like many people, I have admired Jordan Peterson, his wide range of learning, his strong, passionate, and extremely articulate views, and especially, his uncanny ability to connect with young men as a wise trusted elder who advises them to clean their own room before trying to tackle anything bigger. Common sense!


When I discovered what first brought him into the spotlight, a series of youtube videos critiquing “political correctness” in response to his refusal to change pronouns for LGBTQ students, I was thrilled, having come to the same conclusion.

When was that? Back in September 2016. Here’s one mainstream view of his actions then:

Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson takes on gender-neutral pronouns.

Peterson’s subsequent rise to fame was meteoric. Before long, some touted him as the  “most influential public intellectual” in the world.

The Jordan Peterson Moment

But then, ommigod, what happened?

A few days ago, his daughter released a video which speaks of a horrific, long-lasting ordeal that her father is still undergoing.

With this in mind, I decided to look up Peterson’s birthdata (June 12, 1962, 2:49 AM, Edmonton Alberta), so that I could check out his birthchart. Would his horrific ongoing ordeal show up?



YES. Notice where the Midheaven is located: 22° Capricorn. His path sits exactly on the point that Saturn and Pluto occupied when they reached exact conjunction on January 12. Pluto, remember, signifies the primal life force that runs through us all — until it does not. Thus its connection with both birth and death.

Notice also that the planet Venus, at 24° Cancer, sits right next to the IC (the root point of the chart), opposite the 22° Capricorn Midheaven. Cancer is the sign of the family. His daughter is the one who tells of their family’s ordeal.

According to his daughter her Dad has nearly died several times during this extended time of tribulation, in which he is being treated in Russia for both pneumonia, and underneath that, addiction to (or, in nicer terms, “physical dependence upon”) a psychoactive drug that is extremely difficult to detox from.

Quite an amazing development for a psychologist whose expertise includes the phenomenon of Addiction.

Pluto’s hovering around his Midheaven path (Saturn has moved slightly off, is now at 26°) has brought Peterson’s own severe wounding to the surface in full public view. Once again the spotlight is on him, but now as the fallen Hero.

Furthermore, when Peterson rose to fame in 2016, with those controversial youtube videos criticizing political correctness, the volatile, “sudden changes” planet Uranus “just happened to be” at 23° Aries, closely square his 22° Capricorn Midheaven path.

Please remember that the Midheaven and the IC move at the rate of about one degree every four minutes. Which means that the particular degree on the Midheaven and IC at the time of birth  is of extreme significance in a person’s life. When “outer planets” (those with very long cycles) aspect these points the reverberations tend to be both extreme and once-in-a-lifetime. That first Uranus would square those points, and then, three-four years later, Pluto, with Saturn, would conjunct and oppose them, is an astronishing demonstration of the power of the collective/generational outer planets to catch us poor mortals in their archetypal grip and refuse to let go.

I imagine that once he’s through with this decisively karmic and horrifying Saturn/Pluto ordeal, Peterson will be make a Plutonian comeback, truly a rebirth, given that his Ascendant is in stubborn Taurus. He’s not about to let himself die of a drug dependency. Furthermore, that his mortality, and his Achilles Heel, are now in full public view, I imagine that his popularity will be stronger than ever, as should be.

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