Mainstream culture promotes gender dysphoria to divide and confuse

Note: I mistakenly published this post last night, rather than save it as a draft. But maybe less is better re: this particular issue? 

Duality. Not sameness. Very important to recognize that things have essences. That there are biologically two sexes, not one, and not many.  Here is an amazing video by a man who transitioned and lived to not just regret it but to help others who suffer from this now culturally encouraged and even imposed condition.

Former Trans-woman explains how gender reassignment ruined his life

See note, above. On the other hand, this issue comes front and center when so-called “royals” Harry and Meghan say they’re going “to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender.”

Do you hear the sound of my grinding teeth?

Plus, now that those who identify as transgender, and therefore have either a huge advantage (if male posing as female) or a huge disadvantage (if female posing as male) in athletics, can compete in the Olympics, what’s left to do besides watch this whole silly charade play out, as every single women’s competition is  dominated by transgendered “women”?

I truly cannot imagine that it will continue for too long. Biological essence has a way of reasserting itself, when allowed: see former transgender person’s story, above.

I find this entire fiasco absurd, on the face of it, and so very sad that many people have been convinced to either ingest hormones or surgically mutilate their bodies, or both, in order to feel acceptable to either themselves or others.

The big assumption underneath it all? Materialism, the (mistaken) identification of the self with the body.

But let’s face it, the usual: drugs, knives, and psychiatric counseling mean big business for Big Pharma and Big Medicine. Plus, the resulting confusion (both personally and culturally) is exactly what attempts to stomp out the awakening process.

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