HUH? Is the Dalai Lama CIA? Are Trump and Kim trolling the world?

I’ve heard rumors that the Dalai Lama is connected to the CIA for years now, but this is the first time I think I begin to understand it, if so — with the CIA doing its usual thing, in this case, helping (bribing) the Dalai Lama in his desire to keep Tibet independent, to stir confusion and chaos with China’s insistence that Tibet is part of China. Plus, is there some sort of strange money-raising connection that links the Dalai Lama with the sex cult Nxivm?? Geez! And all the above, plus much much more of great interest, is threaded through the following story.

Pierre Omidyar: A Billionaire Prone to Reclusiveness, and His Trove of State Surveillance Secrets

Then there’s this, and frankly, the thesis of this piece makes total sense to me, given what Trump is up against on all sides, plus the demeanor of both Trump and Kim Jong Un during their reunion wherein the little dictator declared, “watching us sitting side by side, feels like a fantasy movie.”

Case in point: Did you notice that warmongers in both parties praised Trump for NOT reaching a deal? 

THE SECRET DEAL: Sometimes the only way to strike a deal is to do it without anyone knowing.

BTW: The above article is, frankly, the best I’ve ever come across that spells out the dominance of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) over every aspect of American life. 



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