Catherine Austin Fitts: “Follow the money!” BUT: NOW WE CAN’T!

This is not good news! Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts advocates de-centralization, and what we seem to be witnessing here is not only increasing centralization, but government bleeding profusely into private interests, i.e., corporations, and now, with no accountability, and even, no record!  At about minute 6: “What is important is how the legal structure  [of the USG] is being re-engineered. What we’re watching with FASB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board is a private group that advises the government) is a coup, a legal coup. We’ve created a mechanism for them to control entirely in secret, even from the U.S. President. . . So the federal government and all the agencies are now permitted to keep secret books. . . ”

At 11:19 min: We have just used an obscure accounting policy to officially change the governance structure of the United States Government to FASCISM.  The. U.S. Gov has now become a marketing shell.” 

“You now have a back door into the U.S. Treasury” for private corporations. . .”

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE 44 minutes. Very worthwhile.

BTW: She’s very sympathetic to both Trump’s plight, as the most maligned president in history, and his remarkable successful efforts, even so,  to “re-shore” American money.

Meanwhile, here’s a Fitts pointer to decentralization of money:

Book Review: Follow the Money: A Citizen’s Guide to Local Government

I wonder how Fitts would respond to this, and how this figures with FASB 65:

The HR 25 Bill will abolish income tax if Congress approves it.



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