Alt-Epistemology: why we need it now!

Standard scientific methodology looks at the left brain as a two-way street:

From the bottom up, that is, starting with “bits and pieces” of sensation (gathered from the five outer senses, and especially, in this culture, eyes and ears), which, by one or another untested, unjustified, unprovable version of slight-of-hand, generates, translates into, “facts,” i.e., linguistic “points” to be trusted as ‘TRUE.” These facts are then treated as bricks, placed next to one another and above one another in layers (called “connecting the dots”) for an indeterminate period of time and space. This generates a “narrative” which then arrives, sooner or later at an unproved, and unprovable, because resting on air, assumption, axiom, principle, dogma; this more or less “highest” abstraction is treated as so “TRUE” that it’s both immutable and eternal, existent before any facts used to buttress it, or demonstrate it, or justify it. Once one bumps into the assumptions, then, one can turn around and connect the dots again, this time through rules of “logic,” using them as pipes through which “truths” wind down and back to the sensation that started the whole process.

In other words, the left brain is a machine that moves “data” from one place to another, from bottom to top and top to bottom, according, on the way up, to “levels of abstraction,” and on the way down, to “rules of logic.”

So let’s take a look at what lies outside this machine, in other words, everything else! Both  sensation, at the bottom, and abstract assumptions at the top, are — usually ignorantly, unthinkingly, following a “program,” but sometimes knowingly, by design, in order to “weaponize” — posited as somehow “justified” points that are magically? plucked from the infinite mystery of space.

In other words, at both ends of the teensy-weensy human thinking process, is the all and everything!

Which is why we need Alt-Epistemology as a counter to the western scientific epistemology that still dominates. Which brings me to three posts that are more or less interesting because of how they confound, or get mixed up in, try to guard against, or just plain get confused by western epistemology that by this time has generated “conspiracies” in the place of “theories” and divides us into millions of “points of view,” each one seeing and hearing reality (“siloed”) in a way that has value to the person who “holds” that point of view.

No two points of view are the same! Get that? Nobody sees the world, in your particular way, while standing in your shoes and carrying your inevitably skewed burden of memory that consciously or unconsciously colors everything you see, think and say. No one! You are unique! I am unique!

Except: at the bottom, and at the top, where we all participate in mystery. Below facts: mystery; above theories, mystery. There is no closed system in nature. Not even the one each of us tries so hard to hold on to. Not even mine. Not even yours. Let go of so-called certain “beLIEfs.” Please. Before we all kill each other off in the name of someone’s abstract, “weaponized” GOD.

Conspiracy Theories and the Media: A Look at the consequences that conspiracy theories have in the real world

A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media

This third article comes closest to an alt-epistemological understanding.

Witch Hunt or Mole Hunt: Times Bombshell Blows Up All Theories


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2 Responses to Alt-Epistemology: why we need it now!

  1. Anthony says:

    “There is no closed system in nature.”

    Bertrand Russell would have argued otherwise! He was into the law of entropy, saying that the universe would eventually die a “heat death” and expand forevermore into nothingness…but of course, he was also a member of the Fabian Society. Yet another “secret society” that dictates how the world is to be run!

    Yes – I’m saying it’s a conspiracy, that the elites say the universe has a finite lifetime and they have vowed to control it until the end!! And you…

    YOU are an anti-conspirator!!

    *points finger at Ann*:

    Thanks for this; again, you make me think. And I wonder if what I sent you was perhaps a trigger for your post…but it was for a reason! I’ll keep dredging the depths if you’ll keep throwing what I dig up into the light to be seen and dispelled!!

    – and I’m off into the night, looking for another bone…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Haven’t read the piece yet, so no, it was NOT a trigger. And sure, keep dredging the depths. LOVE our collaboration/synergy.

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