What Is AFRICOM? And why does it matter?

For weeks now, I’ve been saving posts  about “our” vastly expanded military presence in Africa. Today I publish them all. 

BTW: to see the sacred vesica pisces — universal symbol of the divine feminine — co-opted by the U.S. military sickens me. Just as I was sickened to see the goddess ISIS rebranded by mercenaries trained and outfitted by America.

First, what IS Africom?

From wikipedia:

Zero Hedge: Mission Creep in Darkest Africa


The British Empire, which at the end of the 19th century ruled one quarter of the earth’s land surface, is long gone. But its robust successor and heir, the United States, has set about enlarging it.

As I sought to explain in my last book ‘American Raj – How the US Rules the Muslim World,’ the US imperium exerts its power by controlling tame, compliant regimes around the world and their economies. They are called ‘allies’ but, in fact, should be more accurately termed satrapies or vassal states. Many states are happy to be prosperous US vassals, others less so.

The US power system has successfully dominated much of the world, except of course for great powers China, Russia and India. Germany and much of Western Europe remains in thrall to post WWII US power. The same applies to Canada, Latin America, Australia, and parts of SE Asia.

There is one part of the globe that has remained free from heavy US influence since 1945, sub-Saharan Africa. But this fact is clearly changing as the US military expands its operations the width and breadth of the Dark Continent.

. . . .

Almost unnoticed, US Special Forces – our version of the Legion – have been slipping into Africa, the newest and most exciting market for the Pentagon.

Creation of the new US Africa Command in 2007, with headquarters in Germany, was discreet but it signaled active US military and geopolitical interest in resource-rich Africa, a key target of Chinese interest. No one in Washington seems to know how many US troops operate in Africa, but it’s at least 12,000 not counting mercenary contractors and CIA units. There was consternation in Congress when these facts emerged last week.

Nick Turse: The U.S. military is conducting secret missions all over Africa


U.S. troops are now conducting 3,500 exercises, programs, and engagements per year, an average of nearly 10 missions per day, on the African continent, according to the U.S. military’s top commander for Africa, General Thomas Waldhauser. The latest numbers, which the Pentagon confirmed to VICE News, represent a dramatic increase in U.S. military activity throughout Africa in the past decade, and the latest signal of America’s deepening and complicated ties on the continent.

Every day, 5,000 to 6,000 U.S. personnel are deployed across the African continent.

. . . .

These near-constant training exercises, missions, and activities with troops from Benin and Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Chad, Gabon and Guinea Bissau, not to mention Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, the Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Togo and Uganda, among other nations, remain largely unknown to most Americans. So is the string of U.S. bases and outposts stretching from Djiboutito Tunisia, Cameroon to Kenya, Ghana to Niger.

Ron Paul Reminds Americans, the U.S. Military is Occupying 53 of 54 African nations


While many Americans are aware that the United States is at war in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan because of the media attention given to those conflicts, the news that four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger came as a surprise that left some asking the question, “Since when is the U.S. at War with Africa?”

And finally, if you haven’t yet got the message, if you haven’t yet paid attention to just what is occurring beyond our borders in one largely unnoticed part of the world, check this out. Wake up. It’s time.

Sott.net: Americans love perpetual wars

My original notes on the above post: “The author knows how to do an overview, by looking in two directions, towards what empire is doing, and towards Americans who don’t realize what empire is doing, because they passively take in the propaganda spewed by the MSM.”

Please read the entire article.

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