“Stranger Things” prepping Americans for MK Ultra truth?

Just as the popular, deeply cynical Netflix House of Cards collapses, now another reality-based Netflix series takes the stage. Which makes me wonder, just who is responsible for Netflix programming? And what is the purpose?

Thanks to a tip from my young millenial housemate Dan, I’ve been watching “Stranger Things” — a new Netflix series that he says is all the rage with his friends.  I notice that the series does makes him pay closer attention when I mention MK Ultra and its various implications. Having watched the first five episodes now, I would say that this series does echo my own understanding of MK Ultra, mind control, trauma-based conditioning of children to become sex slaves and other types of Manchurian candidates for the CIA, etc. Though some of the “monster” stuff in the series may be disinfo, the general lay of the land is, I would say, basically on target.

For more, much more, on the disgustingly nefarious  military/pharmaceutical/psychiatric collusion within the Deep State, see the enormous section called “Mind Control” on Fred Burks wanttoknow.info website.

Once again, I repeat that I first became aware of this ghastly reality in the mid-’90s via Kathy O’Brien’s book, Tranceformation of America. Full contents of this book archived here:

Full text of TRANCEformation of America 

Another MK ULtra victim, Brice Taylor, broke through her programming to speak up, calling her book Thanks for the Memories. (I printed out the full pdf version of this book a few years ago, but can no longer find it on the internet.)

The cover is itself instructive:

Here’s a short video:

Abbie Martin interviews Roseanne Barr:

Finally, here’s a post I just noticed yesterday on sott.net

Project MK Ultra and Dr. Ewen Cameron “stole my mother away from me”

‘They stole my mother from me. They used her as a human guinea pig. They stripped her of her emotions’

Eyes wide open yet?

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  1. Victoria Parks says:

    MK Ultra stole my entie family from me. It was my father’s great misfortune to be unknowingly working with Paperclip Nazi’s at the University where he was junior faculty. Vannevar Bush and freemasons had a hand in turning my father and mother and all their children into guinea pigs. As a result, my childhood was robbed of me and the lives of two of my siblings were utterly destroyed. I am still here and fighting to tell my story too. How many more are out there?

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