Jordan Sather’s current perspective on the three main issues that have MY attention right now

Rather than limiting the term “Disclosure” to just what’s going on in space and whether or not some of it is manmade and if so, what, Jordan also includes pedogate and human trafficking under that rubric, since some of the same people are involved in both, and both stories infect society all the way to the top of the food chain.

BTW: Like myself and others, Jordan also is now seeing the California “fires” as so anomalous as to be possibly caused by a space-based weapon. Google the pictures for yourself: trees burning inside but not outside; metal melting, leaving wood untouched; trees untouched around torched houses; structures reduced to ash (reminding one of 9/11). On and on.

Very much appreciate the rising star of this young citizen journalist, his incisive and broad-based analyses. Jordan has a very good nose, is good at parsing his sources, plus, he enjoys a mile-long shit detector — as required, when slogging through mountains of info, disinfo and misinfo.

P.S.: Here’s an amazing post by someone both in the know about Weinstein AND calling himself out on it, rather than lying and/or adopting a sanctimonious tone (now called “virtue signaling”). Highly unusual.

Miramax Insider’s Scathing Facebook Post to Hollywood Elite Goes Viral

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  1. CindyW says:

    Yeah. Scott Rosenberg’s post. But as Scott himself says in the post – “we all knew.” You can’t have it both ways – a film industry that celebrates behavior like Weinstein’s as long as it’s consensual – and then turn around and act prudish and like “I’d never do that!” You can’t worship celebrities and those who make them celebrities, and then act shocked that power games were played and lies were told and lived. What Scott said -not just “we knew” but “we really really really liked them golden eggs.” That is the entertainment industry in a nutshell, and much of American culture which goes along with a lot of things “because we really really really like them golden eggs!” Sorry, just sayin’.

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