Deborah Tavares: “The Plan to Burn up Northern California”

This morning I got an email from an old friend and former Green Acres neighbor, Julia, who has since moved to California and has now shifted from the Bay Area to Arcata, near the Oregon border. She sent me a link to a video, with the headline, “This Is Interesting.”

When I clicked on the link, I discovered it was a Jeff Rense interview with Deborah Tavares . Tried to recall where I had heard that name before, and then remembered: fellow blogger and friend Laura Bruno, who used to live in Northern California, had sent me info on Deborah as an activist who knew all about Agenda 21. This was back when I was still learning the true extent of the nefarious New World Order plan to herd us like sheep into tiny boxes in crowded cities and turn us into robots. (Do I exaggerate?) Not that I’m not still learning, but I knew I had heard her name before when I started to listen to the video during my morning yoga.

After 24 minutes, I couldn’t listen to it anymore. My stomach was hurting. I couldn’t stomach the information. It was simply too awful, all that she was saying about smart meters and the fact that Sebastopol (where she lived) is/was the center of resistance to them.

At the time I assumed that her video was in response to the fires still ravaging northern California, and naturally, wondered if the fires first started in Sebastopol.

When searching for info on Deborah Tavares just now I found out that she has not been heard from in a while, and that this video was actually first put up in 2015! Which makes me and others wonder what happened to her.

After finishing yoga in silence, I emailed Julia telling her I couldn’t stomach going beyond the first 24 minutes, and to ask if she had listened to the entire video;  if so, would she mind letting me know what was in it? Here is her reply, and frankly, it sounds like something out of a dystopian fantasy novel. Julia:

Yes-that is about as far as I got and had a very similar reaction because it hit me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. It just didn’t make sense how they all started at once. I drove down to San Francisco last week right as the fires were starting for a work conference. Dorsie went with me and he was driving on highway 5 near Vacaville. The smoke was thick and you could smell death at that point on the highway. Dorsie became extremely agitated and angry. I didn’t have the reaction. I was definitely hit was extreme sadness, but I remained calm.

I was able to see old friends and co-workers which was nice, but the bay area causes my heart to palpitate and I don’t want to go back anytime soon. I’m scared to witness the devastation. While on the trip, I had a homeless woman stare me down and come at me with a shopping cart. I knew she was going to attack me at least a half a block away. I tried to get out of her way as she approached, but she ran right for me and slammed her shopping cart into my thigh. She quickly dashed off-just one powerful hit with the cart. I have a large thick black bruise.

To get out of town, our only route back home was to take highway 1 north-it took two days and the route was just as precarious as it was beautiful. We avoided the smoke, but holy hell-I’m exhausted. The trip made me feel completely out of the protective flow of the universe until I arrived home which now includes two dogs, three cats, my daughter, her boyfriend and Dorsie.

and of course-ME TOO-right?

At this point I asked Julia, would it be okay if I posted on this whole thing, including her response to me? “Yes.”

So, that’s when I began to get all this down, and ran into the fact that the video was from two years ago. Does this interview’s title, “The Plan to Burn up Northern California,” now signal it as predictive programming?

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  1. I have read two differing accounts of how the fires started all at once. The first was of someone following a truck with an occupant throwing lit torches out the window. Because the fires started all at once there would have had to have been 17 arsonists acting in unison in different places. The second, is that the strange nature and characteristics of the fires might indicate the use of directed energy weapons from space. Either way, it absolutely looks like an operation as 17 fires just don’t start in unison by accident.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And/or, PG&E transformers all blew at once, in the wind, supposedly, which, I heard, started after the fires did.

    • john weaver says:

      directed energy weapons from space have always been here, before man even lighting fires, some of which crossed continents. They are called LIGHTENING STRIKES. As far as the dangers of smart meters and the courts allowing them to be used in the face of overwhelming evidence they pose real dangers from high energy radio frequency transmissions does not bode well for our safety. We know for a fact now that Trump has exposed the deep state the lengths to which they will go to control people.

      • Jennie Haycock says:

        In response to John Weaver. My son is a wildland firefighter. He had been in the area around Redding and above for two weeks before. Said, they were told to expect lightning to start something. Next thing, there are the crazy out of control fires and no lightning had even occured. No wind. All lies. He was on daytime duty and saw 3 firenados?! His first time. When on night duty on a mountain by himself his crew boss asked how’s it looking? He said, the two fires are not my concern right now, it’s this other thing that’s coming up from the south, he had to run down that 5 mi. mountain he had barely climbed up. Thank God he used common sense and had communication. The group up a bit higher on the mountain had the scare of their lives. They lived but had to get their safety bags out. It was not reported of course. He has been all over this past 2 mo. and it’s a Mom’s nightmare when I know about the DEW and Agendas, etc. The chemtrails have to be making them sick just like our forests and animals. What can we do? Thank you Debbie and all the true patriots. We are in trouble. WE NEED DIRECTION AND TO UNITE.!!!!!

  2. Actually, that wasn’t me. I sent you info about Rosa Koire, who lived in Santa Rosa, CA and was active there around the time I lived there. First time I’ve heard of Deborah Tavares. 🙂

  3. Pretty much everyone I knew in Sonoma County was a raw foodist, which was way more people than it might sound like. 😉

    The only reason I had heard of Rose Koire’s work (but not by name until much later) was that our landlords in Santa Rosa were very opposed to her because not having the high speed rail within a reasonable walk lowered what they would have been able to charge for rent. If they could have billed their house as “a short train ride away from downtown San Francisco), they could have jacked the rent even higher. Only later did I learn of all the major corruption that had gone down with that and other A21 fights. We moved there right after it was defeated, so all I knew at the time was there had been a huge fight.

    If it didn’t involve fresh juice, kirtan, writing books, going crystal shopping, eating at Cafe Gratitude, or hanging out in Bodega Bay, it was off my radar then. I weighed a 100 pounds, and my feet only touched the ground to hike in the redwoods.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Decide for ourselves using our own two eyes and our instinct. Nothing is mentioned on local radio or newspaper except to allude to this is “global warming folks” or the lawyers pushing that PG&E is at fault.
    How do fires happen immediately and all at once w/out first building up and how do they just burn very specific areas? Is it just a coincidence that the burned areas are areas that coincide with areas zoned for the city of Santa Rosa’s agenda 21 development?
    Notice how the gas pumps were cleanly “cut around” and missed -by the DEW lasers?-if going with that theory- in two areas: the 76 station on MWS road & the Chevron pumps on hopper area while the surrounding areas were obliterated.

    Here are the initial calls from Sonoma County emergency radio traffic on Sunday, Oct. 8 from, 9:22-10:45 p.m. Most are vegetation fire reports. There is a map to go with this and it shows that these calls were coming in from all over.

    9:22 p.m. Vegetation fire at 310 Buckingham Drive
    9:23 p.m. Electrical problem Electrical investigation at 1047 Maverick Court
    9:24 p.m. Transformer explosion Possible transformer explosion at Fulton Road at Old Redwood Highway
    9:25 p.m. Tree down at Ida Clayton Road. (Exact location not available.)
    9:26 p.m. Structure fire at 451 Mark West Station Road
    9:29 p.m. Structure fire at Hilton Garden Inn, 417 Aviation Boulevard (turns into duplicate call)
    9:30 p.m. Structure fire at 203 Orange Street
    9:33 p.m. Power lines down Power lines down, transformer on fire at Mark West Station Road. (Exact location not available.)
    9:35 p.m. Vegetation fire at 6556 Dry Creek Road
    9:36 p.m. Vegetation fire at Primrose Avenue and Todd Rd.
    9:38 p.m. Crews diverted to McKinley Road
    9:41 p.m. Crews sent to structure fire at Silverado Resort and Spa
    9:43 p.m. Crews sent to structure fire at Silverado Resort and Spa
    9:46 p.m. Vegetation fire at Highway 128 and Tubbs Lane in Calistoga
    9:47 p.m. Structure fire at 4474 Mountain Home Ranch
    9:48 p.m. Incident command in Mark West Springs area asks for more engines
    9:50 p.m. Vegetation fire at Mayacama Club Drive
    9:52 p.m. Multiple trees down blocking Highway 128 (Precise location not available.)
    9:56 p.m. Trees on fire at 995 McConnell Ave.
    9:58 p.m. Power lines down Tree down, wires down in Knights Valley. (Precise location not available.)
    9:59 p.m. Power lines down Wires down at 3139 Adobe Road
    10:05p.m. Power lines down, structure threatened at 3300 Juniper.
    10:10 p.m. Vegetation fire at Cross Creek Road and Bridlewood Court
    10:13 p.m. Tree fell onto gas line at Ross Station Road at Highway 116
    10:14 p.m. Trees on fire threatening structure at 541 Aslan Lair Court.
    10:14 p.m. Flames in trees at 361 Incantare Court
    10:15 p.m. Trees down at Los Guilicos Ave. and Maple Ave. in Kenwood
    10:16 p.m. Arcing transformer at 731 Beaver Street
    10:19 p.m. Vegetation fire on southbound 101 at Shiloh. (Precise location not available.)
    10:20 p.m. Vegetation fire at Hembree Lane and Victory Lane
    10:34 p.m. Power lines down Wires down at 4858 Montecito Blvd.
    10:34 p.m. Wires arcing at Guerneville Road and Marlowe Rd.
    10:35 p.m. Vegetation fire at Beltane Ranch, 11775 Highway 12
    10:36 p.m. Structure fire at 16250 Norrbaum Road
    10:39 p.m. Vegetation fire at 7728 Highway 12 and Pythian Rd
    10:40 p.m. Vegetation fire at 7728 Highway 12 and Pythian Rd
    10:40 p.m. Vegetation fire at Hyde Road and Pearson Ave.
    10:41 p.m. Hazardous condition at Sugarloaf State Park
    10:44 p.m. Vegetation fire at Healdsburg High, 1024 Prince Street
    10:45 p.m. Structure fire at 8150 Franz Valley School Road

    Then there is this from Youtube subscriber “neverlosetruth” reading an e-mail he received from a City of Santa Rosa Department of Planning and Economic Development’s office: he reads:
    “The maps of the fires and the plan are already approved housing projects that are nearly identical.
    I think that our government and the developers who put them in office are the arrogance and think that no one will notice. If anyone does point this all out being able to prove it is another issue.
    All the insurance companies are set up at the shelters to process claims, pay everyone off fast, calm them down and put money towards the new home. When they find out how much additional money it will cost and how long it takes to navigate the building permits process, buying a ready-made brand new home will be an easy decision even if it means a much smaller one on a smaller lot.
    It kills me when I think of all the people that are homeless and who, if they have the means and determination to rebuild will not be able to have anything like the homes they lost even if they have unlimited funds because of the absurd building codes that are being put into place thanks to the UN-Agenda 21.
    Fire places won’t be allowed. Set back requirements are changed, building requirements, green engineering design requirements and other arbitrary codes that were deliberately created to make building or residence needlessly frustrating, time consuming and very expensive for developers.
    How convenient that every one who just recently lost their home will be able to buy a ready-made stack and pack residence in a nice but much smaller planned development with their insurance money-if they get any. There are plenty of plenty of even smaller apartment options that will be there.
    What about all the burned down properties? People will be glad to get whatever they can if they choose not to rebuild and the developers, banks and speculators are waiting now with cash in hand.

    That’s enough to know for now! Have a nice day 🙂

    This “seed-killing” hypothesis was recently derived from listening to Terry Brown on the Wynn Free program, BBS Radio. I’ve followed and cross checked Terry’s Elohim channeling for several years. She’s a precious gift to humanity in my opinion. This information was also sent to three responsible fire migration research scientists inside the US Department of Forestry, in hopes they may wonder enough to start researching the impact of current Chemtrail impacts on Forestry.

    Fires now have hotter combustion characteristics in heavily Chemtrailed regions, such as Napa-Sonoma Counties. Fire fighters on the front lines are reporting this strangeness.

    Regardless of how the fires were started, ** the thermite cocktail mix (dominated with aluminum and lesser amounts of barium and strontium oxides) used in Chemtrails, explodes (ignites) at a much hotter temperature during the first few seconds, than clean greenery. The higher initial combustion temperature kills tree seeds and plant-life seeds.

    Pre-Chemtrail era fires or fires without thermite saturated combustion, do not kill seeds to the same extreme with 1900 degrees F – max firestorm Temp. While nature designed a fire sustainable forest system, human intervention is recklessly destroying nature’s balance in ways we haven’t considered. The marginal higher seed kill-off rate is cause by the unnatural higher temperature * of initial combustion.
    The cumulative negative effects of unacknowledged Chemtrails now woven into both (a) acknowledged military mission to control the weather by 2020 (Weather Warfare) and (b) woven into innocent piloting of civilian airlines using vented Chemtrail trailing-edge wing ports, placed near engine exhausts, to create fake contrail-clouds, have unintended consequences. The settled thermite dust on everything below, is creating large areas of forest sick zones (forests losing their immune defense systems), and now also, the added loss of viable seed stock falling upon chemically altered soil conditions.

    This combination creates a lethal trajectory for forest husbandry. If not stopped, it will be followed by increased soil erosion, loss of forest floors, and greater reflection of sun energy at lower atmospheric levels entrapping more heat in our atmosphere and adding to net atmospheric warming. The higher initial combustion temperatures caused by massive aerial spraying of thermite is a contributing factor now in all our runaway fire disasters. Elect people who fearlessly discuss Chemtrail topics in their political campaigns and promise to sanction public hearings when elected.
    * Aluminum oxide in fine dust form is found to combust as low as 700 degrees Celsius = 1292 degrees Fahrenheit but once ignited, burst quickly into a super heat fire storm of 2535 – 3500 degrees Celsius, 4595 – 6232 degrees Fahrenheit melting anything and everything in its path.
    ** Multiple cell phone videos on line showing evidence of blue laser beams from unidentified source. and “Fire Captain John Lord” interview; just Google his name and rank

    • Thank you Rich. There is more.

      The Plan To Burn Up California Part 2 – Deborah Tavares 2015
      Cut, squirt, poison trees

      Deborah Tavares explains How the Firestorm at Santa Rosa was a setup by forest practices of a greedy Corporation. Hundreds of homes were burned to the ground as a result of bad forest management. Profit was the motive and Government officials were in the pocket of Corporations.

  6. It occurs to me, the Dark Side of The Deep State made a gross tactical error – yet once again … HooRah!… in that a huge swath of their Agenda 21 Fire-Storm Warfare Redevelopment Plan for the area, fails to consider a large segment of their targeted area will be rebuilt like new with insurance proceeds, literally stopping Agenda 21 in its tracks at least in this particular Santa Rosa Planning Area.

  7. All the fires in California over the past four days would never have happened if the terrorists controlling our weather had let the weather move in off the Pacific and deliver much needed rain to California!

    The facts are being revealed for us to pull together instead of apart so we can deliver ourselves from evil.

  8. Janay Mullin says:


    A cryptic puzzle was placed in newspapers on a global scale ….the puzzle ” cicada 3301 everywhere ” put out a challenge to solve it claiming glory to the one able to do it.
    It came out for years with no solution. Then suddenly it stopped. The very year I sent my theory….my solution….and was told I solved it….there was no ticker tape or fanfare just an undeniable proof sent to my email address.
    Here is what it took to solve it. An understanding of

    1. Haarp
    2. Chemtrails
    3. Georgia Guidestones
    4. How immunization works
    5. How viruses work and how they can be customized
    6. The life cycle of the cicada and its mostly dormant existence
    7. The flesh eating incident in Florida of the homeless men.
    8. Lastly and most importantly …..the bible.

    They have engineered a very unique virus. It will depopulate the globe in a week and in the most horrific way once triggered in a new method ( frequency ) …..until then it will lie dormant in the lung tissue of every human on earth ( unless chosen to be spared ) like a cicada it will emerge and work its purpose on each host quickly efficiently and with tested surgical precision. Better known in the bible as the GREAT TRIBULATION.

  9. J.A. Foss says:

    Dear Deborah Taveras and associates,

    The October fires that devastated Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa (and more) sure look extraordinary. I share the opinion of the increasing many that the very unusual burn pattern simply does not seem to be that of a typical wildfire. Not with aluminum auto-rims melted in the street, windshields evaporated, and a number of anomalies, not to mention the glaring fact that much of the trees seem to have escaped unharmed. What gives here??!! I agree it looks like the doings of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) with high power density microwaves. (As an engineer, long ago I used to deal with such dangers like that.)

    When I started living in Benicia in 1975 I developed a friendship with recent divorcee Jacky Yeoman, who had been married to Ronald on West Military. (They had two sons, Wayne and Eric.) Then Jacky met James Marcisz, they married and lived on West J. They both worked for the Department of Energy in Oakland. In due course they were transferred to Lawrence Livermore Lab in Livermore. Retirement allowed them to live a while in Maui, where the marriage went sour. Jacky is now back in Benicia as Mrs. Lothar Westfall and they live at 920 West 5th Street.

    The reason I am reporting all this is that Jacky is a very smart electrical engineer. She worked on projects for the DoE. I’ll bet she worked on the hellish DEW stuff. If not, surely she knew they were being developed. And perhaps she knew of the United Nations “Agenda 21” plan to vastly reduce the world population, by such horrors as burning people to dust as they slept in their beds.

    If you approach Jacky gently perhaps you can stimulate her to talk about her DoE work and the fires the projects may have ignited.

    (Please do not mention my name as a source!)

  10. Alki says:

    I have a question for these ….speakers when they start to mention different groups they participate in the effort of rebuilding……..California First hwo apointed the speaker and with what kind of Legal approval they got “together ” all those groups to “work” on private and State properties? Hwo gave them the RIGHT to do that and hwo pays them,how they earn their living

  11. snoop4truth says:

    All of this is expertly explained in comments 19 and 22 here.

  12. snoop4truth says:

    Deborah Tavares supports her claims with documents. But, Tavares creates many of these documents herself. Tavares alters the words and images of other documents to make them fit her claims. She is a fraud.

    For proof, click here and scroll down.

    If, for any reason, the link above does not work, simply Google “Deborah Tavares Kill Cities” (without quotes).

    • snoopy4truth you’re just a agenda 21 troll and shill printing comments on EVERY article, website, or youtube video that tells THE TRUTH aboyt what’s happening. there are too many coincidences that have been going for 40 or 50 years.

  13. Doreen says:

    November 2018 … What are you doing about the ATTACK ON CALIFORNIA? Open Letter to President Trump

  14. Margaretha Tierney says:

    In Victoria Australia smart meters were put on our homes, compulsory, no question. I phoned to say I did not want one as they make people sick. He said that was not true. The man who installed it said the same, but he told another resident who also resisted that he was right and the installer would not have one on his home either. So he knew.

    After two weeks, I got sick from it, and was sick for three years. I wasted so much money to try to safeguard myself, but nothing worked. Finally I had enough money to have it moved off my house 45 feet away on the fence. It took ages for me to get better, but by then had become sensitive to other radiations, wifi, cell phone and other things. It took more months to get better. As a result, of all this radiation a drug I had taken for restless leg syndrome about ten years stopped working. I could not sleep at all for two months. The doctor kept trying different drugs, but they did not work and I lost my balance and fell fifteen times. Now I am sick again from it all and cannot walk without a crutch.

    People do not realise how evil radiation is. Soon thousands will become sick, even though they don’t feel anything at present.

    These are all signs that Jesus is coming back very soon. Everyone needs to wake up and make certain they are ready for Him to take them off this earth, which will be a terrible place for many reasons — the fires, floods, EMF radiation, tornadoes, diseases, poverty, droughts, crime, and so much more. Read your Bible and pray.

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