Jon Rappoport: The Veil — the Matrix — “is a curtain madly drawn over the creative force.”


As, once again, I celebrate my deceased husband Jeff Joel’s August 22nd birthday, I am reminded of his endless refrain, whenever I got impatient: “Just remember Ann, we’re making it all up.”

Jon Rappoport also sees through the rigid Matrix concoction.

The creative force of imagination is unlimited, infinite, no end and no beginning. Depending on how much we can let go of, how many masks, identities, old ideas about limits, how much old stuck stuff both internal and external we can release, our mysteriously resonant bodies on this magnificent primal planet will begin to clear themselves of encumbrances and open wide — to hum, to sing, and eventually, to unleash the majesty of the creative force of the universe with every breath, every heartbeat.

Rappoport’s first article below plays with the wonderful word “quintessence.” I looked it up. From the Latin: “quint” plus “essence.” The fifth element (besides fire, air, earth water) of the universe, the ETHER, the invisible field that surrounds and moves through all or, as we would call it now, the quantum energetic field which pops out “realities” (forms, particles) with each point of attention.

So. Pay attention to what you focus on. Because that is what you consciously or unconsciously intend, and that is what, suddenly or eventually, you will get.

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