Annals of Spectacular Deception: Darth Soros, plus The Missing Trillions (again)

imagesAnd see this:

Anybody who still thinks things are as they seem has another think coming. In fact, you might just want go sit on the toilet and wait for the big dump of whatever it is that is stuck in your poor distended colon to clear the way for infinite possibilities. And while you’re sitting there, you might check out these two astonishing posts, for starters:

First, brilliant Joseph P. Farrell pokes his nose into just about anything, and isn’t afraid to go out on a speculative limb.

Hacks, Snowden, Darth Soros, and Russia

As for the next post, recall that this is not the first time trillions have “gone missing.” Indeed, the last time to my knowledge, was in 2001, on the very day before 9/11, when Rumsfeld admitted that 2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon.

The “problem,” the extraordinary sleight-of-hand, only deepens over time.

Shocking Government Report Finds 6.5 Trillion in Government Funds Unaccounted For



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