Massive Earth Quake Rocks Japan on Final Day of Uranus in Watery Pisces


Japan 8.9 quake, said to be the fifth largest ever recorded, on the final day that Uranus occupied watery, oceanic Pisces. The quake triggered, once again, a tsunami of global compassion and flood warnings for 20 countries.

Note the “stellium” in the 8th house, place of Death.

Today, March 11, Uranus, planet of sudden changes, moves into fiery Aries, sign of initiation, to remain for seven years. Uranus joins expansive Jupiter, in Aries since January 23, two days prior to the onset of the Egyptian revolution.

Jupiter leaves Aries for earthy, grounded Taurus on June 5. Expect the forces of revolution, impulse, high high creativity and courage, sudden chaotic, out of control changes of all kinds to be dramatically highlighted between now and June 5.

Stay centered and breathe!

Open, open, open — to the high high frequencies now bathing Earth.

Let the rebirth begin.

Let the new world spring into being within the remains of the old.

Chart thanks to Eric Francis. See his interpretation of the earthquake.


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