My Initiation into Mayan Calendar Unity Wave Consciousness, March 9: Part 2

I wrote Part I of this post yesterday, sandwiched between March 9th, the day Unity wave Consciousness began and March 11th, today, when Uranus moves from watery Pisces into fiery Aries and commences its long (2011-2015), drastic, revolutionary, 90° “square” to Pluto (death and rebirth) in the sign of Capricorn (tradition, structure and the status quo).

Meanwhile, Uranus during its final day in Pisces, catalyzed one final oceanic purge: the massive Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

One thing I’m sure we are all noticing: it’s more and more difficult to go back and find what happened earlier, to take time to contemplate the past, to frame it up in one way or another, to play with what it all might mean. The current of the present moment is simply too strong and wide and deep, carrying us all along into we know not what.

But I do want to struggle against the current and look back — perhaps for the final time! I simply must try to capture and convey an extraordinary experience that I moved through on March 9, the very day that initiated us into the final wave of the Mayan Calendar, Unity or Universal Conscious. For I was blessed to experience unity consciousness, in full, as a revelation.

Here’s what happened: I was driving my little car with my puppy Emma beside me, west down 10th street. The traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected for that time of day near the university.

At one intersection, there’s a line painted to stop traffic about 20 feet back from the crosswalk. This is to give room for long, Indiana University buses to turn right onto 10th Street. I’m quite used to the special conditions of that intersection.

On this day, I was behind another car, itself back probably another 20 feet from the painted line. A bus was in the cross street about to turn. The driver in the car ahead signaled me to go around him (apparently, his car had stalled). So I did, aware of the bus, and assuming he was aware of me.

But he wasn’t, apparently, because the next thing I knew the bus, turning very quickly on its well worn path, was inches in front of my car door as I was about to finish going around the stalled car. And that’s when it happened.

How to describe?

Think about this Newtonian world we live in — separate bodies with mostly clear-cut edges and decided weights moving in a dualistic tete-a-tete, like billiard balls, not on a 2/D plane but in a 3D space. We move through life by negotiating this common space, either to avoid each other or to make contact.

Now imagine that this Newtonian world, suddenly morphed. That it liquified, and unified. Imagine the hard-cut press of bodies turning into a sea of swirling colors and light. That’s what happened. Suddenly, and subtly, the bus driver and I, perhaps three feet feet away from each other through glass and metal, dissolved into a unified awareness of swirling color and light.

We were both caught up in something larger, dissolved into a larger awareness that had liquified all the hard edges and lightened gravity to a state of evanescence, swirling, fluidic . . . There was no time to think. It wasn’t me doing it. It couldn’t have been. Because it couldn’t have happened the way it did. There was no room for my car to get between the stalled car and the swiftly oncoming bus. But it did.

In the 3-D world, I suppose that you could say that we both “made all the right moves” without thinking, without premeditating or even knowing what we were doing, negotiating a way through the fast-moving (at least in the 3-D world) maze. The bus did not hit my car. It should have. It should have killed me. But it didn’t.

Something happened that has no Newtonian explanation. The two of us, in car and bus, were graced with a sudden, subtle shift into a higher dimension of unity, where “bodies in space” dissolve into swirling color and light.

It happened in a flash. And then it was over. It’s happened before, but I’ve never been present enough to really grok it. That we go in and out of higher dimensions constantly. That the seams between the worlds are almost imperceptible, unless we train ourselves to see and feel them.

I’m sure that the bus driver just shook his head at the near miss. Perhaps it shook him up, briefly. But then the press of events kept on, and he was back “in his body” and on the job, negotiating space for the larger bus body that held him and his passengers.

I told this story to my son Colin, and he said, “Ah, and in this case, you did not experience shock. Correct? ”

He and I have been talking about shocks to the system, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, etc., and how to integrate shock quickly so that it does not incapacitate. Given current economic, political, and telluric conditions, shock has been a subject much on our minds.

And Colin was right! There was no shock! Had the bus hit the car there certainly would have been shock. Massive shock and destruction, even death. But it didn’t. Instead, we were engulfed in an invisible wave that shifted us from 3-D to a higher frequency where hard, metal bodies, and soft, fleshy bodies dissolve into color and light. The bus driver and I were both held in a larger awareness, embraced in unity, divinity.

There was no shock. But there was, and is, still, awe.

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  1. Paul Crawford says:

    This may conjure intimations of some of our more cosmic acid trips in the good ol’ days, right? “What goes ’round comes around”… is that Newtonian?

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