“Our” Military Intelligence Complex: Can it be transformed, repurposed? And, if so, what are the implications?

On the one hand, I’m thrilled to come across the title of such a post as this one —

Rethinking America’s Military Industrial Complex

— and in fact, began to read it eagerly, thinking maybe the author had some new ideas as to what “our” vast bloated military machine could be transformed into, now that wars have been  exposed as a racket, always instigated with some kind of false flag to deceive the public, and bankster financed on both sides, with huge profits to weapons manufacturers.

And oh wow! I think. Maybe the transformation is already happening! Look at the Qanon phenomenon, that amazing alternative communication channel which began only 15 months ago. Growing in popularity and sweeping across the whole world, Qanon is rumored to be a swamp-draining operation of military intelligence! Wow, So yeah! Maybe swamp draining is an example of what the military could and is already being repurposed into! Given the depth and complexity of what we have now learned to call “the deep state,” to dismantle and dissolve it is certainly the kind of  job that requires vast resources and planning.

But unfortunately the above post itself did nothing to whet my appetite. Instead, it set the table, and then stopped before dinner was served. Huh? Indeed that post felt positively snarky, rather than educational.

Through the years I’ve always been alert to various small ways that aspects of the military are and can be repurposed. For example, I remember when they started to convert old nuclear missile silos. From 2010:

Seven Repurposed Cold War Missile Silos

Here are more examples of this kind of thinking, repurposing military structures:

People who used to be in the military are also putting their military training to use in various ways that heal rather than hurt. Examples:

These Veterans Are Fighting A New War, This Time Against Attacks on South Florida’s Coral Reefs


Shane Claiborne and Activists Turned Guns into Gardening Tools to Show What Beating Swords into Plowshares Looks Like

Even better, check this out: veterans healing from PTSD by learning how to garden:

Milwaukee Program Uses Urban Agriculture to Help Veterans Heal

But these programs, while of great value, simply nibble around the edges of what’s necessary if we wish to truly transform the military machine. So . . . how about this?

From 2013:

Repurposing the Military Machine

Hard to believe that it’s already six years since that article was posted. And the repurposing spoken of there, using the military to address the destructive effects of climate change, is what I would call the best and most obvious re-purposing of such a vast bureaucratic machine that has been devoted to destruction, and could be transformed into protection and regeneration. Whether you beLIEve in global warming or global cooling doesn’t matter. What matters is the recognition that things are going mighty wacky on our beautiful Mother Earth, and that human industry is in part responsible for it.

What gives me pause here, of course, is that I can just see this kind of repurposing fitting right into a New World Order Globalism mandate, centrally controlled, and demanding obedience from its minions. Just like the military now!

Okay, look again. It turns out we don’t even need the military to shift our way of life on this planet. We the People can do it ourselves, as has been happening in China and India over the last 20 years. Check it out:

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago–and It’s Thanks to China, India

To me, the question is: can we, as human beings, learn to take care of our own localities, starting with the interior of ourselves, and reaching out from there to our households, back yards, neighborhoods, towns, cities, regions, etc. Bottom up transformation? But isn’t this absolutely opposite to the way the military works? Yes, it is. Once again, the key is to embrace paradox, and occupy the space between the opposites. Of course we can use centralized planning that the military is so very good at; and of course we all need to get off our buts and take charge of healing our own localities.

Another way to think of this necessity for paradoxical thinking. How many of us have learned, over the years, that life is bittersweet? That we have to take the salt with the sugar? It’s NEVER, EVER one or the other. In fact, without the one, we wouldn’t even recognize the other!

It’s always both. And that goes for inside me, too. There are, as the Native Americans say, two wolves inside each of us. Which one wins depends on which one I feed. And yet, I need to feed them both, simultaneously, at least enough to keep remembering that I, too, am always subject to temptation, and that I sometimes stray from the shining path. For without humility, I am lost.

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4 Responses to “Our” Military Intelligence Complex: Can it be transformed, repurposed? And, if so, what are the implications?

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    This just posted on SOTT.net:


    (in addition, there is a 50+ page thread on the Cassiopaea research website where the members there came to the same conclusions long ago.)

    As you know, I’ve always said I never trusted “Q”. Not that much of the information that came out wasn’t true; most good psy-ops have a lot of “truthiness” that resonates with people.

    I post this because there is another trap of thinking that people need to be aware of, as well as your mention of paradoxical thinking: the trap of “wishful thinking”, which is potentially even more dangerous.

    It is good to hold hope and a vision for what one wants to create; we are, after all, first and foremost creator beings. However: there is currently an entire mass of corrupted humanity that is doing its damndest to push their ideas of creation upon us, so that we create THEIR world instead of OURS. And it is through things such as “Q” that they gain a hold on our psyches, and lead us willingly along their path – if we are not careful.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, I saw that post. It IS interesting, and provocative, though I personally continue to hold Trump in my heart, and all that surrounds him, including Q. I’ve wondered about Q as “wishful thinking” from the beginning, however. Also, about Trump, the same way. But then, who knows? I do think that the more we focus on what we want to be the case, and the more we act as if it is already said and done, the more likely the world moves in that direction — as you also point out.

      • Anthony says:

        Maybe I should relate some personal experience with this “Q” stuff, so you can at least understand where I’m coming from.

        This is the first “Q” post that I remember reading, from the “Neonrevolt” website:


        Remember this? It concerned the discovery of an alleged child trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona, on the grounds of a CEMEX plant. It was found by a Navy Seal from “Veterans on Patrol”. I followed this story closely at the time because there were ties with the Clintons and Soros, and because a reputable organization, “Oathkeepers”, got involved and sent some parties there to investigate it – here is the link:


        So, what happened? Well, one of the vets doing some “investigating” was arrested for trespassing, and the CEMEX plant operators bulldozed the site. Later, one of the vets was accused of destroying and planting evidence:


        – and that was that. There was never another post by either Oathkeepers or Neonrevolt on the Tucson story. Like Pizzagate, it evaporated away to nothingness. Probably *as designed*.

        Later, Oathkeepers posted a direct link to “Q” material, which basically sanctioned “Q” as far as their leadership was concerned. Well, seeing that I decided to post some of my own misgivings about “Q” on their thread, which is here (my posts are about mid-way down, under “Anthony”):


        After posting just those two comments (and my third total on that site), I tried to further rebut someone there, asking directly why there was never any further response from *anyone* about what happened with that investigation. Well, I was *BANNED*. I haven’t been able to post since then.

        So that experience, along with all that I’ve read elsewhere on “Q”, just confirmed for me that the whole thing is a psy-op. And if you go back and read through Neonrevolt’s articles, you can see just instance after instance where things were “about to come down!!” and “major drop imminent!!” and “stealth Jeff about to wake up!!” – and it’s all just bullshit. It is nothing more than a pied-piper operation to lead people away from doing REAL work, and to get people to believe that “something is being done, TRUST THE PLAN!!” – when, in fact, the Clintons/Podestas/Obamas etc. STILL walk free.

        I want this crap to END, as much as anyone – but after reading all about the Franklin scandal in the 80’s-90’s and how successful these jerks were in literally burying anyone and anything having to do with that story, even when A MAJOR PAPER INSINUATED PRESIDENT BUSH WAS INVOLVED…this stuff isn’t going to end, not from the top down. It has to happen from OUR end, on up. And it will – as long as we don’t let ourselves be led along by the nose.

        OK, now back to planning how to start my garden…maybe I should ask you some questions there, because I’m clueless!

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Remember that Q also says “disinformation is necessary.” So that gives Q a cover, no matter what!

          I too, paid some attention to the story you tell me about here, and figured something was off early on, though I didn’t know what, and of course, got distracted from it just like everyone else. Re: gardening, just look on youtube. There will most likely be some preliminary videos. Mainly, when you begin, don’t till. Rather, build soil (sticks and other carbon stuff, plus green stuff, compost; cover with leaves or straw and leave it over the winter and then plant in the spring). So if you haven’t done that, then do some plants in pots this year, preparing for next year if you do a garden on the ground. Or get a Garden Tower.

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