Compare and Contrast: Hunger Games? Or Permaculture.


I couldn’t help but feature the following two posts together, despite, or really, because of how wildly disparate their messages.

The first features what happens in a “black swan event” when one tiny cog in an enormous mechanical system suddenly and unpredictably goes out of whack, disrupting, in this case, the entire global “supply and demand” chain of stupid, unnecessary manufactured “goods” (made by wage slave labor) conveyed thousands of miles from point of origin to be bought (often “on credit”) by shoppers eager to distract and entertrain themselves further while using such “goods” as identity markers for class and status.


Green Acres Village Garden, July 2016

The other features one primary way to begin to shift this ghastly worldwide system that prioritizes only material goods and monetary wealth on a finite planet with diminishing resources to one that prioritizes Nature and what we can learn from her.

For one thing, Nature does not manufacture stupid, unnecessary “stuff” that robs Earth of her elements and in the very process of being constructed poisons her air, water, and soil. Nor does she create massive machines powered by nonrenewable fossil fuels that move that manufactured stuff thousands of miles. Nor does she homogenize, monoculturize, strive to make every place exactly like every other place with all that same ol’ stuff cluttering landscapes equally, no matter how hilly, or rocky, or flat, or arid, or rainy. Nor does she use up her resources without providing for what will come next. Nor does she have a “me first” attitude, and everybody else be damned.

Whew! Of course, I — or we — could go on and on enumerating what’s wrong with this picture. But let’s not. Let’s instead, remember, re-member, put ourselves back together again, standing in the native wisdom of Native Americans, now standing their ground at Standing Rock:

For Mother Nature, we are all her children, all of us, all species, and we are all in this together. Not in a massive, soulless “just in time” matrix New World Order machine to keep us in a continuous desperate Hunger Games drama, but in a glorious, interwoven, expressive, panoply of creative mutuality and abundance.

Yes. Let us begin to realize our magnificence, and let us begin to act on it.

“It’s Bordering Chaos”:  14 Billion in Cargo Stranded at Sea, Crews “Go Crazy” on Stranded Hanjin Ghost Ships

— compare and contrast with —

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