LOCAL PHOTOS: The Mystery of the Exploding Kombucha

Actually, as Dan our Green Acres alchemical wizard with all things fermentational put it, no mystery at all. He had left the kombucha downstairs without refrigerating it, since our fridges were all full.

Me: “How long does kombucha take?”

“Five days.”

Dan had then forgotten about it. Twelve days later . . .

First clue was a sudden mysterious “explosive” sound from below this morning, around 5:30 A.M. Then I promptly forgot, and went back to sleep. About an hour later I tromped downstairs to get another package of my special reishi-infused coffee beans — and came upon this weird scene: some kind of mess, that had left the floor wet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.13.30 AMHuh? Was the wet coming in from the outside? No. I also noticed the sodden bag with broken stuff in it (near red, blue and white colors). Came upstairs. Dan was in the kitchen. I asked him whether he knew what the mess downstairs might be. Uh oh. . . He had just been thinking about that kombucha, and was going to check on it. He figured maybe one of the three batches had exploded, and he could save the other two by refrigerating them NOW.

Oops! Not. All three were gone. Did they explode one by one over a period of days? Or did they all explode at once, this morning? That’s the mystery.


Clean-up time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.17.52 AM

“My first failure,” says Dan.

“Makes a great blogpost,” says Ann.

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