Richard Gage of on mainstream Irish television

When asked, why the American government and its people are not taking this more seriously, Gage said he was not sure the reasons why the denial of their ability to get the truth — that all three World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled thermite explosions — into mainstream U.S. media.

“It is very uncomfortable. It obviously paints a dark picture for people. We were under attack. We are in a state of shock. We don’t want to go back there and re-examine this information. It is simply not easy. There is a cognitive dissonance associated with the events of 9/11.”

Bin Laden may have gone away. But 9/11 has not. Once we start to question 9/11, or other phenomena that we have a hard time coming to terms with — like all the wars against not only other nations but even our own people, like chemtrails and HAARP, like the global bankster ponzi scheme — the ’50s worldview of American exceptionalism as the home of the free and land of the brave disintegrates as those buildings did, into its own obviously too small footprint.

Thanks to David Icke.



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