Pointings for June 4, 2012: The many uses of UFO ridicule — and more

Mondays are particularly ridiculous in terms of trying to keep on top of “the news” (usually, the olds, in that the same patterns repeat). Two whole days and nights have gone by since I looked at what was going on elsewhere! And, as my friend Claudia says about the internet, she finds herself “both drawn in and repelled by the thoughts spinning words.”

Today, I confine pointings to three weird categories: 1) The many uses of UFO ridicule, 2) The company s/he keeps, and 3) Pyramid power: The NWO triumvirate. Running them all together creates a kind of frisson, don’tcha think?


This piece, of intrinsic interest, is also a wonderful/awful example of how the disinfo campaign to keep UFO/ET on the outskirts of consciousness is utilized. Here, conspiracy theorists re: JFK’s assassination are classified as just as bonkers as UFO nut cases.

• alternet.org: Why is the Government Withholding Documents about JFK’s Assasination?


Put that story together with another one, that JFK may have been killed because of his interest in aliens, and the ridicule factor spreads its poisonous acid over both stories . . .

dailymail.co.uk: Was JFK killed because of this interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death



David Icke doesn’t think Bono is such a good ambassador. I imagine he might say the same about other celebrities who have blazed the global do-gooder trail. Alex Jones fulminates about Angelina Jolie as a “globalist whore” (google it). I do wonder how a person “becomes a star” (and further: why they would want that unrelenting glare!). What or who lets them “in”? There are lots of talented people, and only a very few “make it to the top.” And those who do — have they all been bought? Are there some who still are who they say they are, or do they inevitably morph into who they want you to think they are.

Remember Madonna at the half-time Superbowl Satanist ritual, for example. Is she mind-controlled? And/or, does she know she’s the tool of the cabal?

And perhaps we might ask this of ourselves, whenever we “make it” into some group that had so far excluded us. What did we have to give up to get there, was it worth it, and why do we care so much for another’s approval, permission or company?

Oh yes, because we’re human. We do want company. But what kind? Check out your “friends” and you will see yourself in the mirror. Are they real? Then so are you. Are they not? Then turn away from the mirror and check out what’s going on inside to make you so needy of outside validation. Where’s the hole in you? In your solar plexus? Your heart? Dwell there. Breathe into it. Breathe into it until that dense black hole full of negativity starts to move, to lighten, and ultimately, to dissolve. Believe me, it will, if you keep at it.

• www.davidicke.com: Bono Is So Genuine A Man of the People It Says Here


Here’s a piece that addresses the relationship between individuals and institutions and repeats, over and over, one phrase, “The individualization of institutions and the institutionalization of individuals.” A pregnant phrase, yes, very! Unfortunately, not well fleshed out in the article.

• philosophers-stone.co.uk: Individuation and Institutionalization


I imagine you’ve already come across this one. Is it the final interlocking step before the whole pyramid of power pulverizes?

• davidicke.com: Rockefeller and Rothschild banking dynasties form partnership


PYRAMID POWER: The NWO Triumvirate

This makes so much sense! A triumvirate: the City of London (financial power), Vatican City (religious power), the City of Washington D.C. (military power). Now that the second leg, Vatican City, is being openly eviscerated and the financial leg is undergoing increasing earthquakes, how much longer can the military dominate the world?

Here’s how the article begins:

Is there any doubt that the United States of America is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO), as it has been since World War I?

Just as the City of London has functioned as the world headquarters for the financial arm of the NWO, and Vatican City has functioned as the religious headquarters for the NWO, Washington, DC has functioned as the military headquarters for the NWO.

Surely you have read or heard by now that each of these city states were set up as autonomous political entities so that no one could control them except their masters within the Global Control Matrix (GCM). When you understand this reality, you can clearly understand all that has taken place with the US of A for the past hundred years. Viet Nam (What on earth were we ever doing there?), Korea (Why was MacArthur willing to drop an atom bomb there?), Argentina (The CIA plot to assassinate Allende was also about what?), Iraq (Twice!!), Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran (Economic warfare and stealth bombings), Cambodia and Laos, Cuba and Grenada, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, East Timor and Suharto’s Indonesian, Serbia and Bosnia, Somalia and Yemen, Libya and Syria, etc. etc., etc. Will the bellicose behavior ever end?!

• cosmicconvergence.com: The USA: Military Arm of the New World Order

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