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Widening Insomniac Perspectives on the Present Moment

I spent much of last night insomniac. Internally, this awareness stuck inside a thick intense wall of static — that’s the neutral term for it — which, if I allowed the wall to affect me emotionally, felt like intense anxiety. … Continue reading

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Trump: Why Iran and China as the “new enemies”?

Despite his bursts of over-the-top egomania, I tend to want to appreciate over-the-top truth-telling wild card Trump, in no small part because of his campaign rhetoric about wanting to make friends with Russia. That is, I did appreciate him until he, … Continue reading

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Some notes on Self-Care, Sanity, Psychiatry, Drugs, and Pedophilia

But first, we must learn how to treat the self well. And in this culture of rampant corruption and top-down abuse, the road from childhood shame and guilt to responsible self-care is long and hard. Yesterday, on my morning walk with … Continue reading

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“Who’s afraid of Sibel Edmunds?” An FBI whistleblower’s extraordinary tale.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so riveted as during this last hour and 20 minutes. Sibel Edmunds, a still young woman so fearless and relentless that it’s as if she wields an electric prod to wake us all up, … Continue reading

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I catch up with current projects in Green Acres Village

Barely! So much energy and activity around here for a supposedly “dead of winter” time that it blows me away.  PHOTO ESSAY, village life: February 14-18, 2017

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Insomniac discoveries re: pedogate. DHS insider, ex-CIA operative

Last nite in the wee hours, insomniac. A regular occurrence, during which I gravitate towards podcasts and youtube videos. Sometimes they put me back to sleep. Which is good! These two did not. The first is an incredibly clear and … Continue reading

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New (Sufi!) Publicity for Green Acres Village

My dear friend and Sufi mentor, Darvesha MacDonald, badgered me for months to contribute a story about our Green Acres Village to the launch of a beautiful new Sufi magazine, Ruhaniat Ziraat, which celebrates Nature as Our Teacher. If you recall, I … Continue reading

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Michael Flynn: Hanging in the Wind, or Strategic Sacrifice?

So. Of course I have been foolishly riveted by the Deep State drama signaled now by the firing of Michael Flynn. I especially appreciate this SOTN post, which links his official demise to his stated knowledge of the pedophilia abomination. Deep … Continue reading

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Astrology of Oroville Dam Emergency: Metaphor for Emergence of Our Damned Up Feelings

What happens when we dam up our feelings? Answer: either they eventually infect the body with disease, and/or they eventually spill over in pain, or explode in fury, or both. And why do we damn up our feelings? Because we … Continue reading

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California Dam Calamity: Incompetence? or By Design. (And so what? Does “the cause” or “causes” matter? If not, what DOES matter?)

After six years of devastating drought, some of us (foolishly?) assumed the fact that California was again receiving rain was a good thing, a powerful sign that the cabal was losing the weather wars. Then the rains came again, and again. Here … Continue reading

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