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February 2021, MARKER 2 and more, Day 26: CPAC, March 4, and the astrology — of the largest sting operation the world has ever known?

I remember when Juan O Savin told us to sit back, breathe, and realize: Biden is going to be inaugurated as President. But not to worry. I documented it here: January 2021 SHOCK! Day 14: Juan O’Savin: “In a few … Continue reading

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COVID CHRONICLES: Which is the greater obstacle to ending this plandemic, FEAR? Or EGO.

On Sunday, February 21, the so-called “news of record” NYT published an unusually “graphic”  fear-mongering front page. Check it out. This visually arresting chart covers two full columns, with nearly 500,000 dots, each one supposedly representing one covid death. More … Continue reading

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February 2021 AQUARIAN ACTIVATION, Day 24: Red-Pilled “Cultural Influencers” Meet in Las Vegas

I remember hearing bits and snippets of this coming event aawhile ago. Little remarks by Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Mel K, who else? Can’t remember, but it meant that I was on the lookout for such a gathering. And indeed, … Continue reading

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February 2021, SECOND MARKER will be Day 26: This scripted movie appears to be on track

See Sword of Damocles post. To hardly anyone’s surprise, the Supreme Court let the sword fall on its head. Did they realize what they set in motion by doing so? Remember Juan O Savin’s remarks that these two days in … Continue reading

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GREEN ACRES VILLAGE LIFE: Monday morning Work Party, Upcoming Music Festival, Our Story

While I tend to keep my Sagittarian head in the beguiling and confusing clouds of both covidiana and the post-election political theater that has all of us “digital warriors” following each other on the internet, meanwhile, thanks to this potent … Continue reading

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Wow! On our walk this morning, puppy Shadow and I passed by at least 15 people, and only one was wearing a mask — this one a woman, striding along with a man who was not masked. (Hmmm . . . … Continue reading

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Covid Chronicles: Fear is the Real Killer, and “the virus” is a Profit Center

See the post that discusses the vast difference in world view between the standard scientific “germ” and the permacultural “terrain” theories of disease. See the videos of, especially Dr. Zach Bush, for his wisdom on this subject. Re: the point … Continue reading

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February 2021, FIRST MARKER, Day 19: Supreme Court — Sword of Damocles?

  Juan O Savin says there are two dates in February that will serve as markers, to let us know whether the courts are entirely corrupted. Can’t remember where he said this, but he said it several times, and both … Continue reading

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