Red-Pilling Society — and Beyond: 3D to 5D, and Wheeee . . .!

Truth bomb from international podcast star, Joe Rogan (his massive subscriber base is what, 100 million?):  Until 1776, every nation-state was ruled by a dictator or king. The United States of America was the very first nation in the entire world to hold elections, and to guarantee individual freedom to create one’s own life.

Sorry, you’ll need to go to twitter for his right-on rousing rant.

Meanwhile, do you still wonder why people all over the world are looking to America now? Will We the People succeed in breaking the stranglehold of the globalist totalitarian push?

Here’s a pithy little 21-minute film (still on youtube!) on Mass Psychosis, describing how the degeneration into totalitarianism occurs. (For me, both the ongoing plandemic as well as the stolen election drama come to mind).  Plus, from about minute 16 on, five ways to both undermine the New World Order’s horrific planned future (where “you will own nothing and you will be happy”) and ultimately, to break through into a transformed future of freedom and blessings for all.


I paid close attention to these stated five ways, wondering how well I, personally, am doing! And it turns out, at least according to this film, I’m doing well.

  1. Sovereignty:  over your own mind. Break through the mass delusion matrix. Let go of MSM indoctrination into fear and how it is used to control your mind. (Yep, since my twenties.)
  2. Truth: share far and wide whatever you find that helps others to wake up. (Yep. This blog, and more.)
  3. Ridicule. Simply laugh at globalist antics, rather than take them seriously as something you should obey. (See e.g. final offering, below.)
  4. “Parallel structures:” to offer inspiring examples of another way of life. I was especially interested in this phrase, one which was promulgated by Czech hero Vaclav Havel.This fourth way is what I have termed, over and over again, little lotuses (intentional communities of one kind or another) springing up in the mud of our decaying western culture. Exactly what we’re experimenting with here in

5.  Group action: i.e., cooperation, networking — among those who are bringing in the new way of life. Plus, of course, mass protests. And mass action to alert our “elected officials” when necessary. And especially, notice what others are doing that works, and emulate it locally. For example, the man who freed Alberta from lockdown, masks, etc.,  by asking for “proof” of the virus, inspired a man in Vermont to call his health officials and ask for the same “proof.” (Damn, can no longer find that reference . . . one hour later, aha, found it!)

BTW: notice how leftist ideologues all move in lockstep (after all, they’re socialist!), but that we “on the other side” tend to compete and fight with one other (after all, we’re capitalist!). This is an interesting sociological observation (I saw it first here) which, to me, indicates that both socialism and capitalism, when taken to extremes, kill. Rather, let us experiment with forms that attempt to inhabit a space larger than both, a space that can hold both what is good about socialism (caring for others) and what is good about capitalism (individual freedom) in dynamic equilibrium. This analysis/synthesis can be applied to any polarity, all of which help define the 3D world. For example, “shadow and light,” or “unconscious and conscious.” See yesterday’s post. It’s this, the integration of the opposites, the acknowledgement of paradox, which we don’t know how to do and remain in 3D. Well, guess what! We don’t have to remain in 3D. Once we reach 5D, we have learned how to play with polarities, appreciating the best of both worlds.

“The opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” — Neils Bohr

Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness: 3D, 4D, and 5D

Hey, speaking of humor as one of the ways to blast through the controllers’ nefarious plans for us all, how’s this? LOL.


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