New Moon in Leo, 8/8/2021: Will we finally get clear on what’s been going on? Plus, BIG SURPRISE!?!

I usually set up new and full moon charts for Washington, D.C., since whatever weirdness has been going on there is still going on . . .

This New Moon, set for 9:50 AM EDT, when both Sun and Moon occupy 16°14 Leo, may signal the actual start of whatever has been working behind the scenes so that it may actually come forward into the light. Sun/Moon opposes Saturn at 9°42 Aquarius and squares Uranus at 14°44 Taurus, but, notice, both these aspects are waning, i.e., their exact aspects have already occurred. Reading “behind the scenes”: the ongoing tension between Saturn and Uranus, operating in earnest since they began to square each other in late March 2020 and the ignition of the so-called pandemic, continues, and ramps up, given that the Sun/Moon combo squares one of them and opposes the other, to create a T-cross in fixed signs. The tension of the T-cross is released through the sign that is unoccupied, namely Scorpio. That’s where the arrow is aimed from Uranus in Taurus.

Scorpio: the deep underground gunk that has corrupted our entire civilization.

To recap a bit: Saturn and Uranus squared one another, thus setting up a terrific fixed tension between Uranus in Taurus’s sudden, periodic, unexpected changes in the material realm —  signifying mother earth, money, plus all our “stuff” which, pre-Covid, used “to matter” (we used to value) so much, and various groups’ and society in general’s efforts to contain and structure what has proven to be a highly unpredictable fractious public, with half vaxed and half not, half red-pilled, half blue-pilled, etc., re: the plandemic, the 2020 election fraud, and how these two diabolically intersected.

Saturn and Uranus first got into that fighting square in March 2020, then let up on it somewhat when Saturn went back into Capricorn and again approached Pluto — (remember that they conjuncted each other for the first time in 35 years in mid -January 2020, setting up the larger context for the breakthrough/breakdown drama we are still undergoing) — in late Capricorn, signifying further lockdowns on society at large, which remained through the end of the year. In late December, Saturn returned to Aquarius and what has turned into a full on struggle, between the eruptive, floor-dropping-from-under-our-feet tendencies of Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn’s now-in-Aquarius determination  to give form and structure, to contain that eruption, no matter what the cost.

The most exact time for this ongoing Saturn/Uranus square this year, 2021, occurred during May through early July. On May 23rd, Saturn turned to go Rx and has been moving backwards since, in some kind of mop-up operation.

Uranus, which went Rx on January 14th, soon after the “Insurrection” of January 6, will turn to go direct on August 20 at 14°47 Taurus. I wouldn’t be surprised if that may be the time when we will begin hearing about what has been decided behind the scenes re: either the plandemic hoax and/or the election fraud ever since January.

So, since this is a New Moon, but since this New Moon occurs during a waning fixed T-cross, whatever new beginnings shall transpire is likely to be just the revealing of what has been going on behind the scenes. The Sun opposed Saturn and squared Uranus exactly on July 5th and 6th. What events took place then, the fallout from which begins a new cycle now with tomorrow’s New Moon? I checked back through this site, and here’s my post from July 7th. Perfect! What IS true? I have no idea.

Also note in the New Moon chart Mercury at 23°39 Leo, heading towards an opposition with Jupiter at 28°42. This is a forming aspect, unlike the others, which are waning; in other words growing stronger — as it heads towards exactness on August 11-12. Hmmm . . . just when Mr. Pillow Guy’s big reveal is to come out. Mercury, the mind, joining with Jupiter, which enlarges whatever it touches, promises what might be another overwhelming download of information.

I know there are other events promised on or about August 11-12, but can’t remember what they are. Arizona audit results? Too overloaded at this point to even think! Especially to think!


Oops! Just had a hunch I needed to check the Ascendant of Trump’s corrected natal chart. Glad I did! 17°34 Leo! EXACTLY CONJUNCT this New Moon. Hmmm . . .

Or, as Dan Scavino shared, about a week ago . . .






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