On the Covid Con: Have we reached “the darkest hour just before the dawn”?

Just home from walking with puppy Shadow, sitting down at computer . . .

A good friend from afar, who supplies me with tips regularly, most of which I utilize, and only seldom thank that friend, has just sent me this, remarking astutely, as usual:

Medscape has started a public discussion for medical professionals about adverse events related to the COVID shots. 1040 comments so far. No wonder 60% of my mom’s medical staff is willing to get fired rather than take a mandatory shot. The doctors know….


Another friend, the famous/infamous Carol Rosin, who doesn’t mind being outed here, texted me this, via facebook, concerning the rollout in New Zealand:

I have not yet listened to or pursued either of these offerings, but hopefully some of my readers will!

Meanwhile, the BIG NEWS is that a regular ol’ “deplorable” Canadian, in Alberta, Patrick King, representing himself in court, has won his crucial case against the covid con by asking one question: SHOW ME THE ISOLATED VIRUS. The other side couldn’t produce the “evidence.” Thus, no “proof” that the virus exists! Result? Alberta has now dropped all restrictions, treating Covid as just another flu.

We’ve been hearing rumors that this so-called virus has never been isolated for some time now, from many directions. Seasoned independent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, of nomorefakenews.com, who’s been on to Faux-ci’s predatory games since way back in the AIDs era, has been hammering this idea home ever since the fear-mongering Covid Con was first rolled out by the MSM, in March 2020.

Here’s today’s post. Remember: now that the CDC has finally confessed that the fake pcr test can’t distinguish between covid and the flu . . .

Turning Flu Cases into Covid: Easy as Pie

Plus, from yesterday:

Three Quarters of New Covid Cases are in Vaccinated People — CDC Study

The word “cases” has itself come under scrutiny. What does “case” mean in the Cunning Covid Con-text? It means that a pcr test showed up as “positive.” And this, whether or not the person was symptomatic. In fact, the Covid-Con is the very first disease in which asymptomatic people can spread the disease to others! Exciting, huh?

Oh, but wait . . .

And back to that drat pcr test. Remember, everything depends on the number of amplifications of itsy bitsy stuff on the swab that was jammed way too far back into your nose, as in:

Amplify the cycles high enough, and all sorts of toxic gunk, including coronavirus and bacterial specks from colds and flues suffered or naturally defended against years ago, show up in everybody. Any pcr test above 35 will guarantee lots of positive “cases.” The higher the amplification, the greater the percentage of positive “cases.” Ergo: the pcr test is perfect way for globalists to ramp up the collective F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) when it shows signs of waning. Just ratchet up the pcr cycles.

Then, there’s what might be on those swabs that they insert much too far up the nose . . . Oh geez, let’s not go there . . .

Despite the continuing skullduggery from whoever is running this Covid-Con Show, that one Canadian might have just turned the corner for all of us. He demanded to see the evidence. And they could not produce it.

Meanwhile, “court cases around the world are, one by one, establishing the case against vaccines.”

Is patience a virtue? Only if we continue to spread the word to those who have not yet succumbed to the jab while we await court results.

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