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Potent Plandemic Potions to dispell the FEAR virus

Just returned from morning walk with Shadow on the IU campus, and I estimate 95% of the students were masked while walking around, even running and biking. Gone is my sense of hopefulness from yesterday’s walk . . . (Oh, … Continue reading

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Another Plandemic-Inspired Compilation: MK Ultra, CIA, Trump, Quotidiana, and WHAT ABOUT CLONES?

MK ULTRA, CIA, AND PLANDEMIC Still think that calling the plandemic a psy-op is a crazy “conspiracy theory”? See zerohedge: MKUltra & The CIA’s War On The Human Mind   TRUMP VICTORIOUS Still think President Trump is a bumbling idiot? … Continue reading

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FREE until 9/14/20: Award-winning, solutions-oriented documentary: THE NEED TO GROW

Thanks to Reader Rose, and her recommendation, I will watch this film later this afternoon. Join me! Introduction: “This film focuses on soil, food, and the future of our species — told through the lens of three extraordinary and very … Continue reading

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ARKCroneCast for 9/11/20: Patron Video on 911: From Emergency to Emergence, plus FREE audio: Taking Charge of Addictions

New today for Patreon subscribers: CroneCast #39 | On The 19th Anniversary of 9/11 Description: On the 19th anniversary of 9/11, let us transform the continuous fearful state of emergency that this and other deep state gladio events have … Continue reading

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911 Compilation on 19th anniversary

First, the hologram/holograph theory re: the planes that supposedly hit the two towers makes more and more sense to me: First, see what DJT said on the very day of 911: Get that? How could an aluminum nosed plane go … Continue reading

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Is it time to watch “V for Vendetta” again?

Watch. And learn. Future proves past. Predictive programming works! — on those who are still asleep. It stuns me that most people are still so mind-controlled by the fearporn virus. That the global Neptunian atmosphere is still totally infected with … Continue reading

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Brilliant response to incipient violence: DANCE PARTY

Yay! Saw this just after posting the first post today. Thanks Rich! Walk away from the hate. We’re all human . . .

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“The Wages of Perpetual Fear,” plus signs of unrest . . .

The atmosphere of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) continues to infect the (Neptunian) etheric ocean within which we all swim on this planet. And yet, I spot rivulets of furious defiance and gleaming courage beginning to spiral through this thick, … Continue reading

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