Just returned from two day break . . .

My dear Crone friend Betty is visiting from Atlanta Georgia. I decided to show her a bit of rural Indiana, including two old growth forests —


— several wonderful little towns (Paoli, Mitchell, Orleans) with functioning town squares showing civic pride, despite Walmarts on the edge of one of them—

Paoli town square

— overnight at Spring Mill State Park Inn,

— next morning, the original old grist mill and pioneer settlement there —


— including craftspeople in different structures demonstrating how things used to work (pottery, blacksmith, woodworker). In the mill itself, we talked with the miller, who agreed to grind  corn for us (non-GMO), enough for each of our three houses in GAPV.

Twenty minutes later, as we were leaving the village, the miller ran out and over to us shouting. “I just wanted to tell you,” he huffed, breathlessly, “that I like your shirt!”

I was wearing my AWAKE, BUT NOT WOKE teeshirt. Usually, of course, people don’t even notice it. But when they do! Exciting to engage in a red-pilled conversation. I handed him my card, and invited him to attend one of our Thursday Community Dinners.

From there, we traveled another half hour or so to the French Lick/West Baden area, where we visited the West Baden resort. I had known that Bill Cook had renovated it, and wanted to see for myself. Whew!

We talked with sales people there, wondering if it would be possible to hold our next Crones Counsel annual gathering there, in October 2022. (I had met Betty originally through Crones Counsel). At first, it seemed plausible, until I asked the question which squashed the idea. “Is there a bus or train that comes here from the Indianapolis airport?” No. Crones traveling by plane would have to rent a car or a driver.

The finale to our journey was a visit with Andy Gerber and Kara Schmidt, who purchased the moribund  Tomato Products Company sitting on 17 acres for 45K on the outskirts of Paoli  only five years ago and have been regenerating the entire property ever since, with help from their surrounding community. Here’s a post I put up after a work party there a few years ago. Will visit again soon, write another post with more photos.

This couple are demonstrating — in spades! — how each of us, when we follow our own unique, original. expressive nature, Nature takes care of us! And then, when we cooperate with others, also following their own natures, the possibilities expand to infinity.

Paoli Tomato Products Company Rebirths Itself with the Help of Friends

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