Have we reached “THE PRECIPICE”? Predictions for August

Re: all attempts to institute new mask mandates. From a friend:

Yep. Not just the vax, but masks too. All the BS they somewhat successfully pushed once and are now trying to push again, via their new chimerical, fear-mongering “Delta variant.” Anything, ANYTHING, to take our minds off the Arizona and other states’ detailed, meticulous demonstrations that the 2020 election was flagrantly stolen.

I searched duck duck go for “peaceful noncompliance.” Lots there. Here’s one:


Once we know our God-given rights, as honored in the Constitution of the United States, we stand tall, each of us sovereign, making decisions for ourselves about our own bodies.

It’s time. We cannot wait any longer.

As Clif High puts it: “Refuseniks arise!”


Tarot by Janine agrees with Clif’s refusenik prediction for August (though she says “July” when she means “August” at few times).

Oh, and for your consideration . . .

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  1. gary stuart says:

    For Vets VAX the NUREMBERG CODE should be used…denies coercion and right of refusal for any medical experiments.. USA signed after WWII with German’s on Jews..

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